Industry News: New Product Award Winners Announced at SLAS2019

Difficult decision as 56 entries whittled down to three

07 Feb 2019

This year’s winners are Andrew Alliance (Geneva, Switzerland) for their Andrew+ and Pipette+ system, NanoView Biosciences (Boston, MA, USA) for their ExoView™ analysis platform and Stilla Technologies (Paris, France) for their Opal Chip™. “SLAS has always been a platform for organizations to launch new products into the market and we are always amazed at the new products displayed,” said Vicki Loise, SLAS Chief Executive Officer. “This year’s winners are no exception. We had a difficult time choosing only three winners from the 56 entries received.”

The Andrew Alliance Andrew+ pipetting robot provides repeatable and traceable pipetting with both connected single and multichannel electronic pipettes. It utilizes OneLab protocols, allowing for a more rapid transition from manual procedures to error-free robotic workflows. The Pipette+ was co-developed with Sartorius and provides wireless communication with OneLab allowing for pipette parameters to be set automatically and for usage to be monitored in real-time. This allows the user to conduct an experiment in just a few clicks.

NanoView Biosciences ExoView™ (Boston, MA, USA) is the first commercially available platform that provides high-resolution sizing, counting and phenotyping of exosomes and extracellular vesicles at the single particle level. It boasts an easy to use, high-throughput and cost-effective analysis platform that provides label-free phenotyping and co-localized markers, among many other unique, top-of-the line benefits.

Finally, the Stilla Technologies (Paris, France) Opal Chip™ is the company’s new consumable, allowing optimal throughput flexibility for any digital PCR application. It can run up to 48 samples per run in two hours and 30 minutes, allows for 16 samples per chip and 20,000 droplets per well.

Each year at the SLAS International Conference and Exhibition, the New Product Award is given to up to three companies showcasing new products that are commercially available within 90 days pre- and post-conference. Products are evaluated by a judging panel onsite at the companies’ booths. Winning products are granted use of the New Product Award designation for a year and are promoted through SLAS promotional channels.

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