Industry News: New Guide: Efficient Weighing Workflows in the Pharmaceutical Industry

19 Oct 2016

Good analytical results start with a good weighing process. Mettler Toledos free second-edition pharmaceutical weighing guide focuses on five typical lab workflows, providing useful tips to improve balance operation, optimize material handling and enhance productivity while maintaining regulatory compliance in todays busy pharmaceutical R&D, quality-control, or production lab.

In the highly competitive pharmaceutical industry, there is intense focus on laboratory efficiency. However, there are also stringent regulations to adhere to. To help you maintain regulatory compliance and optimize lab performance, Mettler Toledo have released a second edition of its weighing guide Efficient Workflows in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

The guide discusses how careful lab-procedure analysis, elimination of inefficiencies, andas much as possiblestandardization of processes are keys to achieving both optimum performance and excellent accuracy. These actions remain constant regardless of the oversight system a lab adheres to, including Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

The updated and expanded edition of the guide includes five workflows:

  1. Capsule filling
  2. Culture media preparation
  3. Titration sample preparation
  4. Reference standards and solutions preparation, and
  5. Quantitative elemental analysis sample preparation

Challenges inherent to each workflow such as repetitive actions, tight tolerances, user ergonomics and process hygienics are discussed in detail. Solutions such as process changes, special accessories and automation are then reviewed, allowing the reader to determine the level of handling required in his or her lab.

Data integrity, connectivity and workflow guidance are also discussed.

Download the Efficient Workflows in the Pharmaceutical Industry Guide here.