Industry News: New Application Streamlines Loss-on-Drying Procedure

Streamline differential-weighing workflows for loss-on-drying with the MS-TS analytical balance

13 Mar 2018

Determining the difference between initial and final weights of samples before and after processing is one of the most frequently used applications in a laboratory. However, routine workflows tend to be time-consuming and error-prone due to the high level of manual operations involved, particularly when handling more than one sample or sample type.

Now, METTLER TOLEDO MS-TS analytical balances offer an alternative to complex manual workflows in industries such as food, chemical, pharmaceuticals, testing labs and water/waste management. The updated firmware integrated in MS-TS balances includes a free, on-board differential-weighing application to improve speed and accuracy when handling samples and ensure the correct attribution of results. 

Typical applications for this type of differential-weighing application include: 

  • Loss-on-drying/loss-on-ignition 
  • Water absorption 
  • Wear-off analysis
  • Metal treatment/coating 
  • Filter weighing (e.g. in sewage plants), and
  • Solution and buffer preparation

The ease of using the application for moisture-content determination is described in a new application note entitled “Moisture Determination in QC - The Drying-Oven Reference Method.” The paper walks readers through a real-world example, showing how the differential-weighing application helps streamline these workflows, especially when combined with a handheld barcode reader and label printer.

To learn more about how the MS-TS analytical balance can help you ensure accuracy and easy sample-handling in all your differential-weighing applications, click here. 


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