Industry News: LGC Acquires Biosearch Technologies and Extends its Expertise in the qPCR Market

16 Apr 2015

LGC is pleased to announce that it has agreed to acquire Biosearch, a global leader in the genomics and life sciences industries for the design, development and manufacture of custom oligonucleotides (oligos) and associated reagents for the medical diagnostics, research and applied markets. 

Biosearch’s products enable the amplification, detection and quantification of DNA molecules. They are used in the fast growing molecular diagnostics market, as well as to the applied and research sectors of the genomics market, to develop molecular assays to improve testing and diagnosis of human disease and improve yields and disease resistance in animal and plant breeding programs. Biosearch works with the world’s top 12 molecular diagnostics companies and operates from state of the art facilities in the US and Europe, with headquarters in Petaluma, California.

Tim Robinson, CEO LGC said: “We are delighted to join our teams, science and expertise together. Both LGC and Biosearch have a complementary range of products thus allowing us to provide customers with a one-stop shop for a wide range of genomics applications. With this acquisition, we are strengthening our position within the applied genomics market, especially the agricultural biotechnology sector, and broadening our offering to the molecular diagnostics market. Integrating Biosearch’s industry leading products, its unmatched expertise within the qPCR, molecular diagnostics markets and its world class manufacturing capabilities with LGC’s operations will provide many opportunities to expand our genomics business globally.”

Ron Cook, President of Biosearch said: “Over the past two decades, Biosearch has developed formidable technology know how and IP related to the manufacture and application of sophisticated oligonucleotides  During that time, Biosearch has built a market leading position for the supply of high value oligo components to the molecular diagnostics industry. LGC’s markets in forensics, agricultural biotechnology, and other applied gene testing applications fit perfectly with Biosearch’s prodigious manufacturing capabilities. The collective synergies of the companies should result in rapidly expanding growth of the combined entities.” 

The acquisition will enable LGC’s enlarged Genomics division to deliver a unique and compelling product and laboratory services offering for core qPCR and end point PCR applications such as SNP discovery, allelic discrimination and gene expression studies as well as for next generation sequencing. The two organizations have highly complementary product offerings and the combined portfolio will include DNA synthesis reagents, pre-designed assays for genotyping and pathogen detection, custom probes for qPCR, DNA polymerases and KASP™ mastermixes for PCR, as well as instrumentation for high throughput DNA extraction and PCR. Core laboratory services offered by the group will include DNA synthesis of primers and probes incorporating proprietary fluorophores and quenchers (including GMP synthesis for molecular diagnostics and therapeutics), DNA extraction, sequencing, genotyping and gene synthesis. This offering will be made available globally through the newly-combined laboratory and manufacturing footprint in the US, UK, Denmark and Germany.