Industry News: Intellicyt to Showcase the iQue Screener PLUS Platform at SLAS 2018

IntelliCyt, a Sartorius brand, will showcase the iQue Screener PLUS platform for high-throughput suspension cell screening at Booth 1419.

18 Jan 2018

Find out how the IntelliCyt® iQue Screener PLUS platform enables leading scientists in biologics, small molecule, and cell therapy discovery to further their research by enabling rapid, multiplexed, multi-parametric screening of suspension cells for phenotype and function.

The platform provides researchers with the ability to acquire and analyze high content, multiplexed assays needed to assess immune cell function by combining cell immuno-phenotyping, cell health, and secreted protein (cytokine) analysis in every well of a microtiter plate. The platform’s intuitive and comprehensive ForeCyt Software provides analysis and visualization tools to streamline your workflow by providing cell, well, plate and experiment level data at your fingertips thus enabling you to get to insights that drive drug discovery.

Attend our Exhibitor Tutorial and Poster Sessions to learn more about the numerous novel applications that this platform can enables:

Exhibitor Tutorial:

Date & Time: February 6th, 2:00 p.m. - 2:45 p.m PST

Location: Room 11a

Advances in Antibody Discovery and Adoptive Cell Therapy Enabled by Novel Applications using High Throughput Multiplexed Suspension Cell Screening


Ashok Bandaranayake, Director of Bioprocess Development and Automation, Fred Hutch Cancer Center

Alison Tarke, Research Scientist, PersImmune

Joseph Zock, Senior Director Product Management, IntelliCyt A Sartorius Company

Poster Presentations:

1: Acceleration of Antibody Development Campaigns from Cell Line Generation through Functional Characterization Using the iQue® Screener Platform

2: Development of a High-Throughput Multiplex Mouse IgG Isotyping and Quantitation Assay to Qualify Antibody Hits for Downstream Gene Cloning