Industry News: HORIBA Scientific's new LabRAM Soleil wins Bronze Pittcon Today Excellence Award

The award recognizes innovation and projected market impact

12 Mar 2020

HORIBA Scientific, global leader in measurement and analysis solutions for research and industry, and world leader in Raman spectroscopy, has announced that their new LabRAM Soleil, the first multimodal Raman microscope designed for UV-Vis-NIR Raman imaging, won the Bronze Pittcon Today Excellence Award at Pittcon 2020, in Chicago, IL.

The Pittcon Today Excellence Awards recognize innovation in laboratory science at the world’s leading conference and exposition for laboratory science. The criteria for submission is that the product is either already on, or ready to go to the market. Judging is based on the product’s innovation, creativity and implementation, as well as the projected impact it will have on the industry and the world. The awards are based on company size (small, medium and large).

The LabRAM Soleil confocal Raman imaging microscope was recognized for its designed ultrafast imaging, advanced automation features, intuitive software and robust design. 
Multimodal ultrafast imaging gives researchers the ability to observe samples in different modes for all types of applications. Patented SmartSampling makes hyperspectral mapping much faster with an image-compression algorithm, enabling users to map samples up to 100 times faster than before. The QScan patented confocal imaging system is a high-quality optical system that enables scanning of the excitation laser over the sample surface, for high confocality of the image multilayer sample, the ability to map the sample without moving it, and more agility with point-and-shoot operation, directly on the video image. 

Advanced automation offers benefits such as true self-operation, remote maintenance and instant objective recognition. Integrated LabSpec 6 Spectroscopy software ensures faster data acquisition routines and analyses, with a new series of apps, downloadable from the App store. These new apps include EasyImage to simplify the entire workflow, MVAPlus for a full range of multivariate analyses, enabling easy and efficient analysis of chemical components, the Know-It-All database, including the HORIBA database, to combine all know-how assets in one place, and 3D Volume to ensure high precision interpretation by combining topographic and confocal analysis for 3D imaging. 

“We are thrilled to have our newest Raman LabRAM Soleil microscope recognized for its innovative design and functionality,” said Dr. Andrew Whitley, VP of Sales and Business Development at HORIBA Scientific. “Raman imaging is now faster and easier than ever before.”

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