Industry News: HORIBA scientific announces a new partnership with Covalent Metrology

North American Demo Lab will expand Covalent’s chemical analysis services and showcase HORIBA’s analytical instrumentation

17 Sep 2021

HORIBA Scientific, a global leader in the production of high-performance spectroscopy systems and solutions, has announced a partnership with Covalent Metrology, a leading North American provider of analytical services, to expand engineering and scientific access to world-class expertise and chemical analysis instruments.

The new partnership announces the opening of the HORIBA Scientific North American Demonstration Lab at Covalent’s Silicon Valley headquarters. This showroom is HORIBA’s first demonstration lab with a partner in North America and joins their application/demo labs in their corporate offices. It will showcase the instrument leader’s top-of-line spectroscopy solutions, and bolster the companies’ mutual efforts to develop methods for new chemical analysis applications. With access to new, cutting-edge instruments from HORIBA, Covalent’s team of experts will be better able to support clients with more accurate and powerful chemical analysis capabilities. 

“Covalent has seen a growing demand for top-quality chemical analysis services,” remarks Craig Hunter, Chief Executive Officer at Covalent, “HORIBA Scientific is globally renowned for the high-performance and advanced features of their characterization technologies. Covalent is thrilled to partner with HORIBA to broaden access to their instruments and offer our customers deeper insights and new solutions.”

The partnership marks a significant milestone in the organization’s relationship. In addition to applications development, the demonstration lab will position both companies to accelerate research and development work in the semiconductor, electronics, and advanced materials industries throughout the North American region, giving customers greater access to instrumentation and analysis services.

“HORIBA strives to create scientific instruments that can help researchers and engineers unlock meaningful insight into materials,” said Dr. Andrew Whitley, Vice President of Global Business Development for HORIBA Scientific. “Through the new demonstration facility at Covalent, our instruments will be able to help more clients in a vast range of industries to accelerate innovation and research.”

The inaugural instrument installed in the HORIBA showroom is the HORIBA GD-Profiler 2 system for glow discharge optical emission spectroscopy (GDOES). The tool is designed for high-speed, quantitative analysis of all elements of interest, including nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, and chlorine. It is an ideal tool for thin and thick films characterization and process studies. It also captures direct measurement of depth (with nanometric precision) simultaneously with element quantification to achieve maximum efficiency and accuracy for depth profiling on layered materials and multi-phase samples. Analytical services requiring GDOES are available now for customer work.

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