Industry News: HORIBA FRANCE opens a new R&D and production site

09 Feb 2021

HORIBA FRANCE SAS, a world leader in Raman spectroscopy, inaugurated its new site in Loos, Hauts-de-France. Formerly located in Villeneuve d'Ascq, this production and R&D site will enable the company to meet the increasing demand for Raman spectroscopy and now its flagship product, LabRAM Soleil™, which was commercially launched in March 2020. As a reminder, Raman is a non-destructive method for observing and characterizing the molecular composition and structure of a material, used in particular by the pharmaceutical, aerospace, and cosmetics industries.

Designed to increase, rationalize, and modernize R&D and production, this new building will increase manufacturing capacity by 30% and will be a technological showcase for all of HORIBA's present and future customers.

Work began in October 2019 and the move took place at the end of December 2020. HORIBA employees were involved throughout the project to best define the needs and the workspace areas.

The new site, with a surface area of 6,500m², on a 14,500m² parcel, includes R&D and applications laboratories, large production areas (mechanical, optical, electronic), and sales and customer support areas.

To preserve the safety of the employees, the inauguration took place mainly by videoconference under the chairmanship of Xavier Petit, Site Director, and Laurent Fullana, President of HORIBA FRANCE SAS, in the presence of all HORIBA FRANCE SAS employees and the Japanese management of the HORIBA group.

"2020 was the year in which this project was carried out. And what a year it was!" said Laurent Fullana in his keynote speech. "The project was delivered on time and on budget, meeting the original objectives set before the COVID-19 crisis. I would like to thank all the employees who worked on the project to achieve this performance. These achievements demonstrate our resilience, commitment, and ability to adapt dynamically to a new environment. This should give us confidence for the future.”

With this asset and the products designed and manufactured in Lille, HFR Lille will help our customers meet key stakes for society: protect the environment and the people, better produce, preserve resources and imagine new mobilities. These are appealing and important challenges for the society we live in that HORIBA FRANCE SAS is proud to contribute to.

"I am impressed by the organization of the site to meet the manufacturing requirements of the LabRAM SoleilTM," said Dr. Masayuki Adachi, President of the HORIBA, Ltd.

Live from Japan, Mr. Atsushi Horiba, Chairman and Group CEO of the HORIBA, concluded that he was proud of the technologies developed so far in Villeneuve d'Ascq and wished HORIBA FRANCE SAS great commercial success with this new high-tech facility.

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