Industry News: Hematology Diagnostics Leader Introduces Intuitive Ecosystem for Lab Success at AACC 2015

06 Aug 2015

Today’s healthcare environment requires clinical laboratories to leverage business acumen on par with their levels of clinical excellence. At the 2015 American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) Annual Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo, Sysmex announced it is moving Beyond a Better Box™ to deliver a comprehensive and intuitive ecosystem that will help laboratories thrive as the future unfolds. With advances in four key areas, Sysmex aims to add even more value to laboratory hematology operations through next generation diagnostics, advanced tools and technologies, process optimization and harmonized support known as BeyondCareSM.

“With the introduction of the Sysmex® XN-Series Automated Hematology Analyzers, Sysmex delivered a ‘better box’ that improves performance and overall productivity.  But even with the rapid uptake of the XN technology platform and the highest ratings in the industry for system reliability, Sysmex saw a great opportunity to go beyond a better box and create a product and services model that’s predictive, evidenced-based and actionable to better benefit customers,” said John Kershaw, President & CEO, Sysmex America, Inc. “Our new model of laboratory support is carefully engineered to improve operations, promote better outcomes and enhance patient management practices to meet the future head on.”  

Kershaw notes these four pillars of the Sysmex brand work together and help ensure the success of the lab moving forward.

  • Next Generation Diagnostics

In the era of personalized medicine that dictates new approaches to the study of hematologic disease and solid tumors, Sysmex enables the automated delivery of reportable, advanced clinical parameters that may help physicians speed diagnosis and streamline targeted therapeutic responses for illnesses such as infection/inflammation, iron deficiency and thrombocytopenia.

  • Advanced Tools and Technologies

Clinical laboratories need business intelligence, including real-time data and actionable insights that provide maximum control over processes across the healthcare network.  Sysmex offers an unmatched suite of advanced tools and software systems that are specifically designed to provide improved productivity and staffing decision-making. For example, My Sysmex™, the industry’s first Mobile Lab Assistant for hematology, interfaces seamlessly for anytime/anywhere access to analyzer operations and support programs.

  • Process Optimization

Automation that supports paperless processing, automated slidemaking and staining, and standardization—among other lean processes in hematology—enables laboratories of any size to benefit from workload balancing and middleware decision management software support. Digital cell analysis will become part of the routine CBC and differential to support generalist technologists in the 24/7 laboratory environment. 

  • Harmonized Support

Harmonized service and support become more important as labs strive to do more with less and as healthcare continues to move faster and faster.  Lab managers want a positive, integrated experience at every touch point of care to maximize their uptime.  BeyondCare is system support designed to anticipate the needs of the lab and protect and maintain its investment using an evidence-based approach that keeps the environment operating at continuous peak performance. Strategically focused on preventing problems before they ever occur, BeyondCare brings new levels of insight, efficiency and agility to the lab. 

Sysmex at AACC

During the AACC meeting, Sysmex showcased two new flow cytometers from Sysmex Partec: CyFlow Cube 8 and the CyFlow Space. Sysmex also featured the Sysmex UF-1000i™ Automated Urine Particle Analyzer, which enhances workflow and provides immediate analysis without the need for sample pre-treatment.  Sysmex conducted demonstrations of Sysmex WAM™ Decision Support Software for the Clinical Laboratory, a management tool that is now used by nearly 400 labs and healthcare facilities in the U.S. and Canada. Visitors to the Sysmex booth were able to learn about the benefits of remote learning via Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) demonstrations.

Sysmex associates were available during the meeting to speak with clinical laboratory professionals about Sysmex’s intuitive ecosystem, integrated automation for hematology, middleware, cell image analysis and customer services. In addition, Sysmex hosted a comprehensive program of scientific and educational presentations at the Sysmex booth #1109.