Industry News: Greiner Bio-One to Present Innovative Solutions for 3D Cell Culture at SLAS 2019

Discover how reproducible spheroid formation can be achieved through cell magnetization technology

18 Jan 2019

The core technology of Greiner Bio-One’s Magnetic 3D Cell Culture is the magnetization of cells with biocompatible NanoShuttle™-PL. The reproducible formation of spheroids in a flat-bottom plate with cell-repellent surface is directed by magnetic fields either by levitation or bioprinting. This allows for structurally and biologically representative 3D in vitro models to be created.

Glauco Souza (Director of Global Business Development & Innovation and Adjunct Assistant Professor at The University of Texas), who developed the Magnetic 3D Cell Culture technology will be part of the Greiner Bio-One team at SLAS, February 3 - 6, Washington.

Visit booth: #737 at SLAS for more information

In addition to 3D Cell Culture technology, Greiner Bio-One will also be showcasing Microplates for High Throughput & High Content Screening, a new mass cell culture device, the CELLdisc™, and a full portfolio of laboratory consumables for drug discovery, diagnostics, and the life sciences.

Watch the video below to find out more about GBO's easy-to-use and forward-thinking culture technology: