Industry News: Flexible and Scalable High-Throughput Instrumentation to be Revealed at SLAS

From extraction to miniaturized PCR, integrate your workflow for maximum lab efficiency

18 Jan 2019

LGC, Biosearch Technologies, is the complete genomics portfolio providing genomic analysis tools, instrumentation and services to support mission critical customer applications worldwide. At this year’s SLAS conference, Biosearch Technologies reveals the flexibility and scalability of their medium to high-throughput instrumentation for a seamlessly integrated workflow, supporting applications such as genotyping and gene expression.

Realize reagent cost savings with miniaturized reaction volumes as low as 0.8 µL, as seen in the innovative Array Tape® consumable, a thin (0.3 mm) and flexible continuous polymer strip, serially embossed with reaction wells in customized volumes and formats.

  • oKtopure - extracts 768 extractions in single run while maintaining highest purity using sbeadex® magnetic bead chemistry
  • IntelliQube® - fully integrated PCR and qPCR liquid dispensing, thermal cycling, detection and data analysis
  • SNPline™ - flexible and highly scalable solution for PCR-based genotyping with an open-format design and modular framework
  • Array Tape - enables high-throughput, inline automation while maintaining the flexibility of microplate-based technology and eliminating manual handling

Stop by booth #1112 for an in-booth demo or inquire for more information with one of the LGC experts.