Industry News: Exploring Microalgae for Sustainable Nutrition

06 Aug 2018

Recent breakthroughs in food technology have been explored by “Innovations w/Ed Begley Jr”. By the year 2050 it is estimated that the number of people who will be deficient for protein will drastically increase. This segment looked at Triton Algae Innovations’ (Triton) solution for the spherical protein shortage through its development of novel green algae products.

“The question we think about quite a bit is, ‘how can we help meet the rising demand for protein worldwide in a way that is affordable, healthy, and good for the environment?’ At Triton Algae Innovations, our solution is to unleash the true potential of nutritious micro-algae, which we refer to as the ‘mother of all plants’,” said Xun Wang, President and CEO of Triton Algae Innovations.

In this segment of Innovations, viewers can learn about the significant technology breakthroughs Triton has made on a strain of green algae, called Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. This includes a cutting-edge, closed fermentation manufacturing process, which has increased productivity 100-fold. Viewers will also be educated about Triton’s comprehensive suite of rigorous safety studies, the data findings from which underpin a recent completed Independent Conclusion (IC) that this algae is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) for its intended use as a dietary protein in foods.

Wang continued to say, “We are honored and excited to be a participant in the Innovations series, and to hopefully help use its platform to better inform its many viewers of the spherical challenges we currently face, and how we can collaboratively address them in a thoughtful and impactful way.”

“Triton's healthy and nutritious green algae, which is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) for its intended use as an ingredient in food , is a sustainable and affordable source of alternative protein to help meet increasing domestic and spherical demand,” said Brett Ferrigan, producer for the Innovations series. “We look forward to bringing this topic to the public.”

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