Industry News: EuroPACT 2023: synTQ stands out as key to effective process analytics strategies

05 Jun 2023

Optimal Industrial Technologies has reported a highly successful attendance at EuroPACT 2023. During the event, the company experienced substantial interest and engagement from visitors for its Process Analytical Technology (PAT) solutions, including the PAT knowledge management software, synTQ. This platform is supporting the global drive for advanced process analytics, enabling the creation of smart laboratories and factories that offer enhanced productivity and efficiency.

EuroPACT has become a leading forum for professionals looking to discuss new process analytics technologies and their implementation in a variety of industrial and research applications, and their value of transforming data into knowledge. The latest event featured a number of presentations on how PAT and synTQ are helping industry leaders and academics drive improved flexibility, efficiency, productivity and consistency.

A key highlight throughout the event was the role of synTQ as an enabling technology for continuous manufacturing and flow chemistry. The software, which is vendor-agnostic, can simultaneously connect to multiple instruments and provides a central hub for the visualization, storage and communication of all PAT-related data and knowledge in real time. By adopting the synTQ platform to enable process analytical implementations, end users can therefore leverage unique actionable insights to improve their processes as well as set up responsive automated process control solutions.

Visitors to Optimal’s stand were also invited to explore the broad variety of industrial applications that can benefit from PAT and the company’s offering, from (bio)pharmaceutical manufacturing to chemical processing as well as food and beverage. Paul Gillham, Innovations Director at Optimal Industrial Technologies, comments: “Smart manufacturing means data-driven operations and the effective alignment with PAT frameworks for process and quality control. At this year’s EuroPACT, we were delighted to exchange ideas and share positive results with multiple customers as well as receive considerable interest from industry experts and academics on what synTQ offers, how we can help them improve their processes and succeed in their digital transformation. We are proud of our role in driving the adoption of advanced process analytics systems that are helping to create smart laboratories and factories that deliver real opportunities to improve productivity and quality.”