Industry News: Eppendorf at the BIOTECHNICA/Labvolution 2015

Take good care of your cells

14 Sep 2015

For nearly 70 years, Eppendorf´s innovative technologies and premium products have contributed to improving work processes in modern laboratories.

Experience the Eppendorf cell culture/ bioprocess lab workflow in a guided tour at our BIOTECHNICA booth in hall 9.

See our new product highlights Centrifuge 5920R, CryoCube F570h, the Multipette® E3 as well as BioFlo 320. Learn how innovative product solutions could help to overcome common problems in the cell culture/bioprocess lab. Guided tour daily at 11.00, 2.00 and 4.00 pm.

The Centrifuge 5920 R delivers extraordinary high capacity in a very compact and ergonomic product design. It has similar dimensions as competing refrigerated 3 Litre models and yet features a superior capacity of up to 4 x 1,000mL; thus making it the ideal instrument for high-throughput applications. It features a powerful state-of-the-art refrigeration system with advanced temperature management to keep your samples safe.

The new CryoCube 570h Ultra-low Temperature Freezer from Eppendorf combines maximum sample security with increased energy efficiency. The new vent port in the front door, the compressor, condenser, and fan technology decrease the power consumption to only 7,6 kWh/day. The new ergonomic handle and magnetic closures provide easier access to samples. Eppendorf quality means years of trouble free operation, trusted sample security, and excellent energy efficiency.

The new electronic Multipette® E3 and E3x raise the bar in terms of ease of use and versatility of electronic manual dispensers. Developed in line with Eppendorf’s Physio Care Concept, electric motor driven dispensing helps to minimize the strain of work in the laboratory. Eppendorf’s instinctive design minimizes the risk of RSI by lowering operation forces and positioning buttons to accommodate natural hand movements.

The BioFlo 320 is truly a step into the future for Eppendorf as a bioprocess equipment manufacturer. New features including autoclavable and single-use vessel flexibility, intelligent sensors, and IP network communication for multi-unit control set it apart as the new premium choice in the bench scale bioprocess market. Suitable for microbial and cell culture, scale up to scale down, batch, fed-batch, and continuous processes, the BioFlo 320 can meet the ever-changing needs of all segments of the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. It offers flexibility, better control, and maximum functionality while occupying a fraction of the valuable lab space of similar systems.