Industry News: Eight Finalists Battle It Out for the ACHEMA-Start-Up Award Victory Prize

Winners of the ACHEMA-Gründerpreis (ACHEMA Start-up Award) will be announced in the opening session of ACHEMA

01 Jun 2018

The remaining eight finalists who entered in to ACHEMA-Gründerpreis (ACHEMA Start-up Award) are hoping to claim one of the three podium places and a winning prize of 10,000 Euro. Winners will be revealed in the opening session of ACHEMA on 11 June, 2018.

Entrepreneurial scientists, future founders and owners of start-ups were invited to apply for the ACHEMA-Gründerpreis.  Out of the 21 candidates submitted to the scrutiny of the experts, ten were invited for a presentation to a highranking expert jury and now, eight finalists have the opportunity to present their innovation to the global expert community and hope to receive a 10,000 Euro prize.

Finalists come from very diverse fields such as peptide synthesis, heating systems or nano volume dosage:

  • Belyntic provides a novel, patent-pending technology for the purification of chemically synthesized peptides that enables parallel, efficient and highly selective peptide purification.
  • The new real-time mass spectrometer by foxySPEC is able to detect up to 30 components simultaneously from gases and liquids – directly during the production process and with a sensitivity in the lower ppm range.
  • Heidelberg Delivery Technologies GmbH “HeiDelTec” was established in 2017. The company’s core aim is to develop a drug delivery technology that allows the oral administration of peptides and proteins. 
  • mk2 Biotechnologies develops, produces and investigates complex peptides with arbitrary physical and chemical properties at highest purity standards using a disruptive scalable synthesis technology.
  • Plasmion manufactures „electronic nose“-technology-based add-on products which upgrade benchtop mass spectrometers to high-sensitive online-sensors enabling new analytical workflows.
  • watttron has developed a modular heating system for defined zonal heating. As with a TFT display, individual small heating circuits can be individually controlled with regard to temperature.
  • I-DOT ("Immediate Drop on Demand Technology") by Dispendix enables highly accurate, nearly dead volume free fluid transfer from nano- to microliters, while significantly reducing capital investment and running costs.
  • Sulfotools offers a sustainable alternative for the manufacturing of peptides that allows for the replacement of hazardous organic solvents with water and cost optimizations of up to 50%.

These eight finalists will be present during the whole week from 11-15 June 2018 at the ACHEMA-Gründerpreisstand in Hall 9.2, C84. At the ACHEMA Start-up Forum on Tuesday, 12 June 2018, potential customers, cooperation partners and investors can gain more insights in the companies and their technologies and learn from presentations by Accenture, Evonik, Merck and Hogan Lovells which parameters and conditions are key to successful innovation.


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