Industry News: Discover the Digital Eppendorf Exhibition Booth at LABVOLUTION 2019

Visitors to LABVOLUTION 2019 can keep up to date with important information and exhibition highlights with the “Meet Eppendorf” app

08 May 2019

For the very first time, Eppendorf invites its customers at the LABVOLUTION® 2019  in Hanover, Germany, to discover its exhibition booth in an entirely new dimension. Thanks to the latest technology, the “Meet Eppendorf” app allows visitors to enter an exciting digital realm of communication.

In advance, customers can discover all the important information and highlights about the exhibition via the app, as well as book appointments with experts and participate in an exclusive exhibition challenge. 

At the exhibit, the app will come to life: visitors will have the option to be guided through the three topic areas of Liquid Handling, Cell Handling and Sample Handling – intuitively and at their own pace; they can participate in quizzes and download in-depth information about individual products, simply by holding their phones close to the product of interest.

How does it work? The app utilizes “beacons” that are distributed throughout the exhibition – small radio transmitters that tell the smart phone where it is currently located. In this way, the respective content is displayed in the app, and visitors can experience interesting information, tours and activities at the booth, live on their phones!

In addition, the app allows customers to gather information specific to individual products. The products are equipped with NFC chips, similar to those found in credit cards, and they retrieve specific information on the product in the app. 

The App is available for downloading in the App Store and Play Store.

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