Industry News: CyTOF XT redefines cytometry with advances in automation

A new platform to simplify deep profiling of the human immune system

21 Jul 2021

Fluidigm Corporation, an innovative biotechnology tools provider with a vision to improve life through comprehensive health insight, has announced the launch of CyTOF® XT, designed to simplify the design and execution of deep cell profiling studies, standardize sample analysis with reproducible workflows and automation and accelerate novel therapeutic development to improve human health.

CyTOF XT™ is the fourth-generation platform in this pioneering technology. The innovation embedded in this new system simplifies operation, increases throughput, integrates new sample introduction automation, improves time to results and reduces total cost of ownership. These features of CyTOF XT are particularly valuable to clinical and translational researchers across the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors and the contract research organizations that serve them.

“The CyTOF XT is essentially an immune profiling workhorse, one that will bring new capabilities and efficiencies to our translational research trials,” said Philip Hobson, PhD, Deputy Head of Flow Cytometry at The Francis Crick Institute in London. “The combination of the Maxpar® Direct™ Immune Profiling Assay™ with expansion panels, sample barcoding ability, flexible 40-plus-marker panels and reliable run-to-run performance around the clock will mean we will obtain our results—and ultimately answers to important research questions— more quickly and efficiently.

“The automation capabilities of the CyTOF XT mean less hands-on time, increased sample throughput and more productivity in our core facility.”

The broad adoption of mass cytometry for basic, translational and clinical research has driven a rapidly growing bibliography of peer-reviewed publications and use in clinical research trials. Mass cytometry had been used in more than 150 ongoing or completed National Clinical Trials as of the end of April 2021.

“Delivering comprehensive data on the human immune system is increasingly critical to therapy development and clinical deployment on the journey to improved precision medicine paradigms,” said Chris Linthwaite, Fluidigm President and CEO. “Mass cytometry provides the most reliable and reproducible method to capture the complexity of the human immune system in a hypothesis-driven approach, and CyTOF XT further simplifies the process for scaling to larger populations as practitioners shift to translational and clinical programs.

“CyTOF XT aligns with our Vision 2025 innovation objectives, and we have secured our first orders through a limited pre-marketing program pre-launch. This new CyTOF platform offers significant improvements in throughput, automation, time to results and total cost of ownership, features that are particularly valuable to pharma, biotechnology and contract research organizations.

“The CyTOF XT is the latest addition to our award-winning family of systems, joining Helios™ and the Hyperion™ Imaging System. These platforms will help researchers advance scientific understanding of disease and therapies with novel insights into many areas, including, for example, the function of checkpoint inhibitors, the impact of drugs on signaling pathways, tumor microenvironment biology in response to immunotherapy and the efficacy of vaccine candidates.

“We are excited to launch this new CyTOF platform at a time when health care innovation has never been more important to combatting disease and new infectious threats to our global population.”

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