Industry News: Cytek Biosciences expands global reach

Advanced flow cytometry systems now sold in over 20 countries across five continents with new offices opened in Europe and Japan

04 Nov 2019

Cytek Biosciences Inc.'s mission to make full spectrum flow cytometry accessible to a larger number of scientists continues to resonate with the scientific community. The company has announced that its advanced flow cytometry systems have been purchased by scientists in over 20 countries across five continents. Additionally, robust global sales have led Cytek to expand operations in order to keep up with demand. The company has opened new offices in Tokyo and Amsterdam to better engage with and support customers.

Cytek is establishing itself as the gold standard for flow cytometry, particularly in fast-growing clinical research fields such as immunology and immunotherapy. Over the years, the company has worked diligently to combine its vast pool of technical expertise with a profound market understanding, to evolve from a service provider to solution provider. Cytek's systems provide ease of use, an unusually high performance-to-price ratio, experimental design flexibility, and high-quality data. Additionally, its five laser flow cytometer makes 40 colors possible and to date, is the only commercialized fluorescence-based flow cytometry platform capable of doing so.

“This latest achievement is strong evidence that labs around the world are embracing our technology and what we stand for,” noted Dr. Wenbin Jiang, CEO of Cytek Biosciences. “The Cytek name is becoming synonymous with innovation and superb data quality, delivered at a fraction of the price of other technologies and flow cytometry systems. Our roadmap has us continuing to expand our global footprint and continuing to give scientists the tools and support they need to advance their research.”

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