Industry News: Cultivating Curiosity at Neuroscience 2018

Join MilliporeSigma at the 2018 Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting to discover latest product innovations and fascinating research developments

24 Oct 2018

MilliporeSigma and hundreds of other exhibitors from around the world will be attending the 2018 Society for Neuroscience annual meeting taking place in San Diego on Nov 3 – Nov 7, showcasing new technologies, sharing research, and networking with fellow scientists, to advance the field of neuroscience.

MilliporeSigma are excited and optimistic about the future of neuroscience research and seek to cultivate curiosity, encourage discussion and connect researchers.  A few of the innovations that will be featured at booth #2329 include:

  • The Immobilon NOW Dispenser, a cutting-edge technology designed to ease your western blotting by offering the flexibility of standard rolls with the convenience of cut sheets
  • CRISPR and ZFN genome editing tools
  • Stericup Quick Release, a vacuum-driven filtration system to optimize your sterile filtration
  • The Protein Atlas developed, highly validated Prestige Antibody® line. Stop by to learn more about the Enhanced Validation Antibody Program
  • Duolink® Proximity ligase assay
  • Recently launched CellStream. Fully customizable 7-laser capacity and up to 22 detection channels with patent-protected TDI sensor and camera technology enables the highest fluorescence sensitivity and excellent small particle detection.

Stop by to get your cellular-themed pop socket or compete with fellow scientists to win a Thermal Flask at our Stericup Quick Release "Keep the Media Clean" challenge. No time to play? Enter the raffle to win a case of Stericup® Quick Release Filters or the innovative Immobilon® NOW pre-cut Membrane Dispenser - both refined to streamline your cell culture and western blotting workflows and allow you to benefit from more than 60 years of membrane expertise.

Distinguished researchers, Professors Doyle and Kipnis, will also be presenting their latest research on brain immune system interfaces in health and disease at the 6th annual satellite symposium on neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration. They will discuss novel functions of the lymphatic vessels that drain the CNS, and present recent research concerning the role of myelin debris in driving prolonged inflammation following CNS injury.

To find out more,  visit MilliporeSigma at booth #2329 at Neuroscience 2018, San Diego, CA, USA (3-7 November).

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