Industry News: Cannabis research to be presented at Emerald Scientific's 6th Annual Emerald Conference

The Emerald Conference attracts attendance from regulatory professionals, academia, cultivation specialists, and more

24 Jan 2020

Emerald Conference, one of the most technical cannabis conference in the industry, recently announced speakers, technical presentations, their new Quality Summit, and updates regarding the sixth annual conference.

Emerald Scientific’s 6th Annual Emerald Conference will be held from Feb. 26 to Feb. 29, 2020, at Loews Coronado Bay Resort in San Diego, Calif. The conference, which is designed to allow for collaboration and access to the latest advancements in cannabinoid science, targets analytical chemists, microbiologists, lab owners, manufacturers and innovators. The Emerald Conference also attracts attendance ranging from regulatory professionals, academia, and cultivation specialists to dispensary owners, research and development professionals, and government employees.

Registration for the conference is now open and tickets are available for purchase.

This year the Emerald Conference is embracing Evolution in the Cannabis Industry with presentations and content from the top scientists in the field--over 80% of the speakers and presenters have a Ph.D. The 6th Annual Emerald Conference is excited to present this year’s industry experts, including speakers who will be presenting on the topics listed below:

General sessions: Speakers and oral presentations:

  • Vaping-induced Lung Illness and the Chemistry of Vaping  Speaker: Robert Strongin, Ph.D. 
  • Looking under the Hood of the Cannabis Plant: A Molecular Evaluation of Cannabinoid Production Speaker: Peter Apicella 
  • Gene Networks Underlying Oil Production in Cannabis Trichomes Speaker: Keith Allen, Ph.D. 
  • Cannabis’ Effect on Brain Cells: Lab Studies from Israel Speaker: Ben Euhus, MSc 
  • Comparison of the Anti-Tumor Efficacy of A Whole-Plant Extract Vs. Pure THC in Preclinical Models of HER2-Positive Breast Cancer Speaker: Mara Gordon 
  • Extraction optimization and control with data analytics Speaker: Markus Roggen, Ph.D. 
  • Physiochemical data mining and prediction of cannabinoid terpene and constituents found in cannabis Speaker: Jerry King, Ph.D. 
  • Identification of Manufacturing Byproduct as Synthetic Cannabinoid Δ10-THC Speaker: Alex Siegel 
  • Stability in Product Development Speaker: Andrea Baillo, Ph.D. 
  • Heavy Metal Contaminants from Cannabis Vaporizer Cartridges: Valid Concern or Blowing Smoke? Speaker: Kyle Boyar 
  • Improved data quality in cannabis terpene profiling Speaker: Matthew Edwards, Ph.D. 
  • Pesticides in Cannabis: LC and GC-MS/MS method to meet AOAC requirements in US States and Canada Speaker:  Michael S. Young, Ph.D 
  • Why Sampling Plays an Important Role in the Health of the Cannabis Consuming Public Speaker: Roger Brauninger 
  • Case Study: Determining the Source of Aspergillus sp. contamination in an indoor Cultivation Speaker: Emily Savage 
  • Validation of Cannabis Research Regarding Potency Variation and Exposure to UV Lights Speaker: Billy Ellyson 
  • Fungal Contamination: Methods of Attachment, Resistance and Removal Speaker: Bryan Berger, Ph.D. 
  • LC-MS/MS Method with dual ESI and APCI Source for Analysis of CA regulated Pesticides, Cannabis/Hemp Speaker: Avinash Dalmia, Ph.D. 
  • Inseparable Twins? – The Biochemistry Underlying Cannabinoid and Terpenoid Biosynthesis Speaker: Mark Lange, Ph.D. 
  • Strategies for Targeted and Non-Targeted Screening and Differentiation of Cannabis Cultivars Speaker: Marian Twohig, Ph.D. 
  • Analysis of the California list of pesticides and mycotoxins in edibles Speaker: Nathaly Reyes, Ph.D. 
  • Investigation of Matrix Effects in Potency Testing of Cannabis-Infused Chocolates Speaker: David Dawson, Ph.D. 

Additionally, this year the Emerald Conference is adding a new element to its conference programming, the Quality Summit which takes place on Saturday, February 29th immediately after the conference as a program add-on. The Quality Summit came from the need to address Quality within the context of Evolution in the Cannabis Industry. The workshop extends the Quality discussion initiated during the previous conference presentations and includes a networking brunch.

Quality summit: Presentations, workshop, and speakers

  • Cannabis Substance and Cannabis Product Use Categories and Quality Attributes Presenter: Andrew Samann 
  • Nomenclature Workshop Speakers: Kellan Finney & RJ Hopp 
  • The Role of Reference Materials for Improving the Quality of Analytical Measurements Throughout the Cannabis Community Presenter: Walter Wilson, Ph.D. 
  • Cannabis Quality: A Roll of The Dice  Presenter: Kerry Starr 

Currently, 28% of the U.S. population lives in states where recreational marijuana is legal. As of this year, 46 states have enacted statutory laws specific to the possession and use of either whole-plant cannabis or extracted cannabinoids that are in direct violation of the federal law. Some market analyses show that legal cannabis is set to reach $66 billion by 2025.

“We are just over a month away from our conference and have locked in some really groundbreaking sessions for this year’s conference,” said Ken Snoke, Co-Founder and President. “We are featuring similar Interest Areas as in previous years but the content is entirely new and even more advanced, the scientists and researchers have made strides in propelling the science and knowledge in our industry since last year’s Emerald Conference.” 

The Title Sponsor of the 6th Annual Emerald Conference is Confident Cannabis. Diamond Sponsors of the Emerald Conference include PerkinElmer and Agilent. The 2nd Annual Emerald Classic Golf Tournament, a charity event, returns this year with Ricca Chemical as the title sponsor. The beneficiary will be the Last Prisoner Project, an organization founded by Steve DeAngelo, Andrew DeAngelo, and Dean Raise.

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