Industry News: BIORON and GENAPSYS start cooperation in Germany to offer new DNA-sequencing technology

The new cooperation aims to use BIORON's molecular biological tools and GENAPYS unique sequencing technology

25 Jan 2021

By February 2021, BIORON will represent GENAPSYS in Germany and will offer a new sequencing system and technology for a broad scale of customers in academia and industry. The new cooperation gives ideal synergy effects between BIORONs molecular biological tools and the unique sequencing technology of GENAPSYS.

The high demand in Germany for biological surveillance and the increased demand for genetic data information offers sequencing labs new opportunities. The GENAPSYS system generates DNA sequence information based on a new method and technology. GENAPSYS developed a novel electrical-based platform capable of accurately detecting single base incorporations. The semiconductor chip-based detection modality allows the system to be compact, scalable, and affordable. In combination with the smart sample preparation tools of BIORON for the isolation, amplification, fragmentation, and labeling of the targeted probes, we can now offer an end-to-end solution to individual research labs for many sequencing applications.

With this precise and cost-effective sequencing technology available, more research labs and life science companies can be enabled for the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic control and monitoring for a better understanding of the pandemic and the virus itself. The UK-NHS labs analyze 20-times more clinical Corona samples in comparison to the German virus reference labs due to the missing appropriate systems and resources. GENAPSYS offers a complete process for the necessary routine monitoring of the virus variants. More information at

Several research labs in Europe have requested and installed the GENAPSYS technology in 2020 and the chip-based DNA sequencing process shows several advantages. The integration of standardized sample preparation, sequencing and data interpretation offers a great complement to existing sequencing methods and establishes a new standard. The turnaround time and operating cost are very competitive compared to other commercial solutions. The sample handling is compatible with the standard lab procedures and the systems require less space and maintenance compared to other NGS systems.

Dr. Armin Winands / GENAPSYS Europe and Simon Koerpert / BIORON GmbH are responsible for the cooperation and distribution of both Life Science portfolios and the synergy effect will offer a professional service and support for all existing and new customers. Now both companies bring in the right tools with the best timing.

The BIORON-GENAPSYS cooperation is very important and the chip technology of GENAPSYS is similarly unique to the SD-Polymerase of BIORON. It is specially designed enzyme for DNA amplification. This key enzyme is already a standard enzyme for Single Cell Whole Genome Amplification, One Step Whole Genome Amplification, DNA Fragmentation, DNA-Library generation and Liquid Biopsy with the Cell-free Extraction kit.

This means, besides the current application for the virus variant monitoring, both product portfolios can be used for Cancer Research, PID-Diagnostics, HLA-Analytics, and individual precision medicine of the future.   

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