Industry News: BioPorto Diagnostics and ALPCO Diagnostics Enter Into Partnership

02 Dec 2009

BioPorto Diagnostics has granted ALPCO Diagnostics the rights to promote and sell its immunoassays on the US and Canadian markets. The primary product focus is BioPorto’s unrivalled portfolio of human and animal immunoassays for measuring NGAL – the breakthrough kidney injury marker that BioPorto first brought to market.

NGAL is used to diagnose Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) within a few hours after an AKI causing event has occurred – a vast improvement over all other methods used to date. The availability of these assays can translate into considerable improvements in toxicity testing for the drug industry.

Thea Olesen, CEO of BioPorto Diagnostics comments, “ALPCO is a well established and highly reputed company in the life sciences industry and we are very pleased to have the opportunity to work together. A primary focus will be the promotion of our animal NGAL product line aimed at the pharmaceutical industry – ALPCO’s renowned competencies in this area coupled with the unmatched depth of our NGAL portfolio is a winning combination”. The distribution collaboration is expected to have a significant impact on BioPorto’s turnover of animal NGAL products, which include products for testing in mouse, rat, monkey, dog and pig.

Sean Conley, COO of ALPCO Diagnostics offered the following statement about the new collaboration, “We are very pleased to offer the BioPorto NGAL products to the North American life science research markets. BioPorto has a proven reputation for producing high quality immunoassay products and offers the most comprehensive NGAL product range in the area of acute kidney injury. The BioPorto NGAL line integrates quite nicely with our existing product menu and should prove valuable to the research being conducted by our pharmaceutical drug development and basic research customers.”