Industry News: Bio-Techne and Luminary Therapeutics sign license agreement for the development of CAR-T cell therapies

This agreement brings Bio-Techne's TcBuster system one step closer to delivering gene-modified cell therapies

02 Mar 2021

Bio-Techne Corporation has announced the signing of a license agreement with Luminary Therapeutics for the use of TcBuster™ for the manufacturing of gene-modified cell therapies. TcBuster is Bio-Techne's proprietary non-viral transposon-based gene delivery system used to advance cell therapy manufacturing.  

Under the terms of this agreement, Bio-Techne grants Luminary Therapeutics a non-exclusive license for TcBuster. Luminary Therapeutics will use TcBuster in their LMY-920 program, a BAFF-CAR-T product. Luminary Therapeutics plans to file an IND with the FDA later this calendar year.

"This agreement with Luminary Therapeutics brings Bio-Techne's cutting-edge TcBuster system one step closer to delivering gene-modified cell therapies," said Dave Eansor, President of Bio-Techne's Protein Sciences Segment. "With this license agreement, Bio-Techne will increase its presence as a key player in the cell and gene therapy market."

"The use of TcBuster during the manufacturing process provides significant benefits over the current viral approaches allowing for delivery of larger cargo with safe integration profiles," said John Hurley, Luminary Therapeutics' COO. "We are excited to utilize GMP grade TcBuster reagents to provide our patients with a cutting-edge next generation CAR-T therapy."

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