Industry News: BINDER responds to the latest battery trends

Charging and discharging energy storage devices in BINDER chambers

28 Dec 2019

Large-scale automotive manufacturers such as VW and BMW are now building plants that are designed solely for the production of electric car batteries. Meeting the demands of this trend dominating the industry requires more than just producing lithium-ion cells. It also means conducting formation and maturing processes until the cells are ready for delivery or installation in another product.

BINDER cooling incubators with equipment package P are an ideal tool in these still-complex follow-up processes, as they provide the right conditions for efficient formation.

So what exactly is formation? Simply put, it involves using access ports to charge the cells with current and then discharge them again. This process creates boundary layers between the electrolytes and the active materials, something which in turn has a profound effect on the cells’ performance and aging behavior.

After the formation process, the cells have to be matured in a cooling incubator for several days in order to improve their properties. Using a BINDER chamber for this stage has produced extremely successful results in these applications to date, and the already high demand for the BINDER KB series is expected to rise even further as a result – not just in Germany, but in locations around the world too.

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