Industry News: 8 top technology news stories from SLAS2022

The latest news and technological innovations from SLAS2022 International Conference and Exhibition

11 Feb 2022


Thousands of scientific and industry leaders reconnected in-person at SLAS2022

2022 is looking to be an exciting year for communication and collaboration in science as in-person conferences are slowly but surely making a comeback. This year's SLAS 2022 International Conference and Exhibition was no exception, taking place in Boston for the first time – in person – to bring together scientific and industry leaders from around the world to highlight the latest research in life sciences and new technology innovations set to transform the laboratory.

Taking place over 3 days, the conference featured a fantastic lineup of speaker presentations, technology exhibitions, educational tutorials, academic collaborations, and more. Symposiums included topics ranging from 3D biologics to AI-powered drug discovery to sample management. Furthermore, the event provided an opportunity for manufacturers to showcase the latest product launches and technological advances in the life sciences.

In this news roundup, we have pulled together a selection of top technology stories and product launches from SLAS2022. Click on the headlines to learn more.


  1. SPT Labtech puts accessible liquid handling automation within easy reach
    At SLAS2022, SPT Labtech announced the launch of apricot DC1, a versatile, 4-in-1 automated liquid handling platform, promising to open up affordable opportunities for many laboratories to streamline and automate their workflows.

  2. The new VANTAstar: microplate reading, made easy
    BMG LABTECH introduced the latest addition to its microplate reader portfolio, the VANTAstar. This new technology was conceived for ease-of-use and flexibility for a wide range of applications in basic research and life sciences.
  3. Festo introduces an open-source gantry robot for automated liquid handling
    The new Modular Gantry Robot platform for laboratory-based automated liquid handling is open sourced, customizable, and utilizes world-class components. Festo also introduced a complete family of building blocks for developing pressure/time-based automated dispensing and pipetting applications.
  4. Meet the winners of the 2022 Scientists’ Choice Awards for Drug Discovery & Development
    Scientific, technological, and communications excellence has been celebrated at SLAS2022 with MOBILion Systems, Agilent Technologies, and Wyatt Technology Corp. among those recognized.
  5. PerkinElmer expand life science/cell & gene therapy portfolios and automated genomic workflows
    PerkinElmer, along with several of its new partner companies showcased how its end-to-end life science solutions and automated workflows can accelerate scientists’ R&D productivity and in turn get the right therapeutic candidates to market faster.
  6. Biosero collaborates with Araceli Biosciences for high-content analysis
    The collaboration will allow scientists to integrate Araceli’s Endeavor™ high-speed imaging platform into automated workflows controlled by Biosero’s Green Button Go® software suite.

  7. Agilent highlights its cutting-edge integrated automation solutions
    At SLAS2022, Agilent Technologies showcased its modular automation solutions that address a range of cell analysis, mass spectrometry, and genomics workflows in both development and regulated environments.

  8. Biosero joins Genedata ready-to-run program to streamline lab automation and data analysis
    The programme helps to accelerate drug discovery with seamless integrations that streamline laboratory automation processes in biopharmaceutical companies.

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