How to Buy LC-MS Technology for Life Sciences


In this LC-MS buying guide, discover the key factors and application considerations when looking to buy LC-MS technology, from sample prep to the latest LC-MS system. Plus, read impartial reviews to gain insights from industry leading professionals.

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Choose the best best LC-MS technology for life sciences applications

How to buy UV/Vis Technology

In this NEW eBook, we present a guide to all the key considerations when purchasing the best technology for sample handling, preparation and LC-MS analysis. Liquid chromatography combined with mass spectrometry provides a powerful analytical tool for complex biological samples. Learn about the different technologies available and how to optimize sample preparation and analysis of your analytes of interested.

Download the SelectScience how-to-buy eBook to find out more about:

  • The principles of LC-MS
  • Sample preparation techniques for biological samples
  • The latest LC-MS systems on the market
  • Current and future trends

Editor's Picks

Editor ImageSarah Thomas

Cubis® II (Sartorius Group)

Product image

5 out of 5

“Great stability, great data!”
Clyd Smith, Pfizer

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AdvanceBio Amino Acid Analysis (AAA) (Agilent Technologies)

Product image

4 out of 5

“Amazing results! Great value for money.”
Nikka Cyden Manalo, Qualibet Testing Services Corporation

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Force Biphenyl LC Column (Restek Corp.)

Product image

5 out of 5

“Great results and lifespan with the Force Columns.”
Samantha Dougherty, Comprehensive Pain Management Specialists

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Xevo TQ-S (Waters)

Product image

5 out of 5

“This machine is my pal, essential to productivity.”
Alexis Traynor-Kaplan, University of Washington

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