Expert Insight: Free Webinar: Multiplexed Illumina Sequencing: Eliminating False Positives by Mitigating Sample Misalignment

Learn how to improve your NGS data reliability

03 Apr 2018

Brad Hehli, NGS scientist of Bioo Scientific, Perkin Elmer, will deliver this fascinating insight into dual-indexing strategies in NGS


Genomic science has evolved tremendously over the last few decades. Whilst the human genome project took 15 years and billions of dollars to complete, we can now sequence multiple genomes in one day for a fraction of the cost. With the launch of next generation sequencing technologies in the early 2000s, DNA sequencing has become a much more accessible tool that has accelerated disease research worldwide.

Advances in NGS technology now enable us to sequence multiple samples in simultaneous runs, by introducing unique reference barcodes during the library preparation process. However index mis-assignment, also known as index-hopping, is commonly encountered during multiplexing and can lead to the introduction of false-negatives in the data analysis.

In this upcoming educational webinar you will hear from NGS expert Brad Hehli, who will discuss methods to overcome this shortfall of Illumina sample multiplexing by dual-indexing strategies. Brad Hehli is an NGS scientist of Bioo Scientific, a Perkin Elmer company, with an interest in the metagenomic applications of next generation sequencing.


Register for this webinar to learn about:

  • Issues related to potential sequencing artefacts
  • How to improve the accuracy of your NGS data
  • New strategies to avoid sample misassignment

Attend the live webinar on, Wednesday April 11 at:

  • 16:00 BST
  • 17:00 CEST
  • 11:00 EDT
  • 08:00 PDT

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