Expert Insight: Automation-enabled assay development for high throughput screening

Join us on Monday, September 21, to learn about assay development for high-throughput screening

08 Sep 2020

Nina and Adrian

Adrian Schoen and Dr. Nina Grossman, Discovery Pharmacology at Merck, Darmstadt

At Merck, a proprietary library of roughly one million drug-like compounds is screened in 10-15 high-throughput screening (HTS) campaigns per year. Respective assays range from simple binding analysis to complex phenotypic assays with multiple read-out parameters. 

In this upcoming webinar, hear from Dr. Nina Grossmann and Adrian Schoen of Discovery Pharmacology at Merck, Darmstadt, as they explore how they use the DragonFly Discovery to set up robust high-throughput assays in a short timeframe. Also, hear about how the system allows the team to speed up assay development, multiplex assays, and save reagents.

Join this webinar to learn about:

  • Assay development for high-throughput screening (HTS)
  • Molecular mode of action (mMoA) studies
  • Routine lab assays in 1536-well formats

Who should attend:

  • Technicians, lab managers, and scientists who are working in small-molecule drug discovery
  • Scientists and researchers working in screening
  • Those who want to speed up assay development for screening and mMoA studies

The live webinar takes place on Monday, September 21, at:

  • 15:00 BST
  • 16:00 CEST
  • 07:00 PDT
  • 10:00 EDT

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