Expert Insight: 5 upcoming webinars to boost your research

Gain insights on topics from immunotyping and cell sorting to clinical QC, 3D imaging and more

11 Oct 2021

SelectScience® hosts dozens of informative and insightful free webinars for scientists every month, featuring world-class speakers at the very forefront of their respective fields. In this regular feature, we highlight the events you won't want to miss over the next week or so, as well as some of our top on-demand webinars.

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CLINICAL PATHOLOGY: Performance of immunotyping (IT) versus immunofixation (IF) for the detection of monoclonal gammopathies

In this webinar, Dr. Katie Thoren will discuss a recent study comparing the performance of immunotyping and immunofixation for the detection of M-proteins. Thoren will demonstrate that reviewer training and experience are critical to the correct interpretation of IT results and that the analytical and clinical sensitivity is similar to IF for the detection of M-proteins. 

Tuesday, October 12, at 18:00 BST / 12:00 CEST / 13:00 EDT / 10:00 PDT

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3D IMAGING: Novel technology in non-invasive 3D ex vivo imaging and cultivation platforms

In this webinar, learn about novel 3D imaging platforms that demonstrate robust and versatile technology useful for studying multiple disease/therapeutic areas, including cancer and regenerative medicine, and explore how infrared label-free technology facilitates imaging of 3D structures/organoids as a complementary platform for preclinical (animal-based) drug profiling.

Wednesday, October 13, at 17:00 BST / 18:00 CEST / 12:00 EDT / 09:00 PDT

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CELL SORTING: From large cells to nuclei: Key considerations for everyday sorting applications

Join this educational webinar with applications scientist Dr. Miro Koulnis, Application Scientist, Sony Biotechnology, to learn about the key aspects of sorting that should be considered to ensure optimal sorting results for different applications.

Wednesday, October 13, at 16:00 BST / 17:00 CEST / 11:00 EDT / 08:00 PDT

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CELL LINE DEVELOPMENT: How to accelerate process optimization with cell culture and titer measurements

This webinar is the second in our cell line development webinar series, produced in partnership with Sartorius. In this session, experts from Sartorius share the analytical solutions that can be incorporated into cell line selection workflows to accelerate studies and streamline the in-house cell line development process.

Thursday, October 14, at 16:00 BST / 17:00 CEST / 11:00 EDT / 08:00 PDT

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CLINICAL: A refreshing course on advanced topics for quality control practice and applications

This webinar is the second installment of three webinars on internal quality control practices and application in clinical laboratories. In this session, Prof. Astrid Petersmann, Head of Institute of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, University of Oldenburg, delves deeper into quality control in a clinical setting.

Friday, October 15, at 12:00 BST / 13:00 CEST / 07:00 EDT 

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Catch up on these 5 on-demand webinars:

  • Size exclusion native mass spectrometry for the characterization of monoclonal antibodies: In this webinar, Brian Rivera, Senior Product Manager at Phenomenex, discusses how non-denaturing SEC Native MS can be leveraged to streamline monoclonal antibody (mAbs) characterization. Plus, methods for digestion of mAbs using site-specific proteases to obtain further insight on post-translational modifications are described. Watch here»
  • Antibodies: The key to spatial mass spectrometry success: In this webinar, Mike Spencer, Senior Director of antibody validation and IHC at Fortis Life Sciences, explores effective strategies to ensure optimal antibody performance in multiplex IHC assays. Including, how poor antibody performance can impact multiplex IHC assay results and how to efficiently screen antibodies for imaging mass spectrometry. Watch here»
  • Intelligent solutions for cell line development: This webinar is the first in our cell line development webinar series, produced in partnership with Sartorius. In this session, experts from Sartorius provide an overview of the CLD workflow and outline how to choose the best tools to optimize your in-house CLD process. Watch here»
  • Key for successes and major outcomes on the method performances through the AOAC Official Method of Analysis recognition: Join this round table discussion on the key for successes and major outcomes of running AOAC-OMA collaborative studies, with representatives of all the stakeholders involved in this method validation process. Watch here» 
  • Monitoring electronic excitations in organic semiconductors with ultrafast optical pump-probe spectroscopy: In this presentation, Dr. Sangam Chatterjee, Professor at the Institute of Experimental Physics I at Justus-Liebig-University (JLU) Gießen, covers the basics of fs-pump white-light probe spectroscopy including the experimental challenges and required control data to ensure reliable data. Watch here»

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