Expert Insight: Spectral cytometry software workflows and tools that enable multi-parametric flow cytometry

Join this webinar to discover more about the software and hardware of the new ID7000 spectral analyzer

09 Nov 2020

Vendula Sinkorova, Sony Biotechnology Inc.

In the next event of the Spectral Cytometry Webinar series, produced in partnership with Sony, Vendula Sinkorova will highlight the process of using the ID7000 spectral cell analyzer to obtain high-parameter, high-quality data, step through the key software workflows, from instrument startup to data acquisition and analysis, to automated shutdown, including updated tools that allow for spectral unmixing, autofluorescence subtraction, and system standardization. 

In this webinar, Vendula Sinkorova, Sony Biotechnology Inc., will show you how anyone in your laboratory can use the instrument effectively on a day-to-day basis.

In this webinar, presented by SelectScience, you will:

  • Learn about ID7000 system operation including startup, experiment creation, acquisition, analysis, and shutdown
  • Review the use of multiple tools for in handling spectral cytometry data
  • Get a deeper understanding of the capabilities of the advanced Autosampler, which makes working with precious samples more efficient

Who should attend?

This webinar will provide insights for researchers who want to get to know the software and hardware of the new ID7000 spectral analyzer and familiarize themselves with the workflow from startup to shutdown.

The live webinar takes place on Tuesday, November 17, at:

  • 15:00 GMT
  • 16:00 CET
  • 07:00 PST
  • 10:00 EST

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