Expert Insight: Cell Sorting – A Roadmap to Best Practice

Join our webinar for a flow cytometry masterclass and learn the tools, tips and tricks to ensure superior cell sorting performance

01 Mar 2019

Image of Cristina Ghirelli, immuno-oncology manager at Horizon Discovery

The webinar will be delivered by Dr. Peter Lopez, Director of Cytometry and Cell Sorting Laboratory, NYU Langone, and Dr. Rui Gardner, Director of Cell Sorting Laboratory, MSKCC

Flow cytometry-based cell sorting has become an indispensable and popular tool used to isolate cells for a wide variety of downstream applications, ranging from clonal expansion to single-cell genomics. As the technology behind cell sorting advances into chip-based systems, cell sorters are becoming easier to use, with researchers able to self-operate these systems. 

If you are a research scientist new to cell sorting or simply want to improve the outcome of your sorting experiments, we invite you to join our discussion with two leading experts in the field – flow cytometry lab directors, Dr. Peter Lopez and Dr. Rui Gardner – and learn the path to superior sorting performance.

The speakers will discuss multiple topics that will help ensure sorting success for precious samples and share their recommendations for isolating single cells. The topics covered will include:

  • Best practices in cell sorting
  • Tips on how to optimally set up a cell sorter
  • A review of the cell sorting instrument characteristics that influence performance
  • Basic guidelines that can be applied to multiple different approaches for isolating your cells of interest

Key learning objectives

  • How purity, efficiency, and speed influence good sorting outcomes – and choices you’ll need to make to optimize sorting for your application.
  • How instrument characteristics can influence cell sorting performance – and how to select what will work best for your experiment.
  • How to set up for plate sorting to improve single cell deposition efficiency.

Who should attend the webinar

  • Those with any level of cell sorting experience using flow cytometry 
  • New users of cell sorting technology looking for best practice guidance 
  • Research scientists interested in optimizing their cell sorting experiments

Attend the live webinar
The live webinar will take place on Thursday, March 14, 2019 at:
•    16:00 GMT
•    12:00 EDT
•    09:00 PDT
•    17:00 CET



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