Expert Insight: Alternative research methods for newborn urine screening using NMR spectroscopy (For research use only)

Join us in this webinar to understand how better research diagnostic methods can lead to improved treatment of congenital metabolopathies

29 Jan 2020

Many congenital metabolopathies can be properly treated upon diagnosis. However, the gold-standard diagnostic method is expensive and only covers a subset of possible diseases. This means that disease prevalence and the potential economic burden for the public health system are often limiting factors for screening. 

In this upcoming expert webinar, Oscar Millet, group leader of the Precision Medicine and Metabolism group of the CIC bioGUNE, will discuss an alternative method for newborn urine screening using NMR spectroscopy. This methodology promises the identification of an extended panel of diseases in a robust, efficient, and economically viable manner.

This webinar will feature:

  • The protocol for extracting metabolic information from urine samples
  • The extended panel of congenital metabolopathies that can be investigated by NMR spectroscopy
  • The advantages and limitations of the NMR-based methodology

Who should attend
Researchers in the field of metabolomics, family doctors and pediatricians, policymakers involved in preventive public health programs, and parents in general.

Important note: The methods and solutions discussed during the webinar are for research use only and not for use in clinical diagnostic procedures.

The live webinar takes place on Wednesday, February 12, 2020, at:

15:00 GMT 
10:00 EST 
07:00 PST 
16:00 CET

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