MPS World Summit 2024


The MPS World Summit, organized by the Johns Hopkins Center for alternatives to animal testing (CAAT), with the support of more than forty organizations, is proud to present the Microphysiological Systems World Summit.

The 2022 inaugural summit in New Orleans brought together a global audience and established the first steps in creating a roadmap for MPS technologies. The summit in New Orleans also served to officially establish the International MPS Society (IMPSS).

With the support of 54 sponsors and 665 attendees (450 of which attended in person), the 2022 summit was a successful start to facilitating stakeholder communication as well as providing networking opportunities for young scientists, researchers, and industry leaders in the MPS field.

The momentum continued with the 2nd World Summit in Berlin. With the support of 97 sponsors and 1300 attendees, our numbers tripled. The 2023 Summit also saw the officialization of the International MPS Society (IMPSS).

Seattle Convention Center

10 Jun 2024