BOOM Summit 2024


Step into a realm of innovation, inspiration, and limitless possibilities at the inaugural edition of BOOM – the healthtech conference that aims to redefine the very fabric of healthcare as we know it. Prepare to embark on a journey that transcends boundaries, propelling us into an era where the convergence of technology and healthcare orchestrates a monumental paradigm shift within the industry.

Untangle the enigma of AI-empowered diagnostics, explore the frontiers of telemedicine, dive into the potential of blockchain in healthcare data management, and witness the emergence of revolutionary wearable devices conferring unprecedented empowerment to individuals over their holistic wellbeing. BOOM promises to be a dynamic catalyst for transformation, a spark that kindles conversations about the future of health in the increasingly digitized world.

BOOM Summit is brought to you by DayOne, the leading healthcare innovation initiative of Basel Area Business & Innovation, and Kenes Group, a global leader in event management, to create genuine change within the healthcare community.

Congress Centre Basel


Organizer: Kenes International

10 Apr 2024