SLAS 2024 Microscale Innovation in Life Sciences Symposium

Sept 10, 2024 - Sept 11, 2024
AstraZeneca -Alderley Park
Alderley Park Macclesfield Cheshire SK10 4TF, UK

Seminal scientific discoveries started with, and were initially identified in, laboratories using large-scale petri dishes and high volumes of reagents. These experiments consumed more sample and time than compared to current day. To conserve and speed up the process, scientists are now 'scaling-down' the science into smaller units without jeopardizing the quality or the results. This can take the form of multi-well sample plates that contain upwards of 3,456 microwells per plate, utilizing the recent advances in microfluidics, or by harnessing the complexity of testing on animals by replacing them with much smaller surrogate organ-on-a-chip type systems. The inaugural SLAS 2023 Microscale Innovation in Life Sciences Symposium will provide attendees with a forum to communicate these scaled-down approaches and demonstrate their effectiveness through examples in podium talks, poster presentations and a technology provider exhibition. Website: