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SelectScience is pleased to congratulate the latest winners of our reviews competitions

10 Feb 2021

Most scientists write reviews on SelectScience to make a difference and help accelerate science, by sharing their experiences and knowledge with peers around the world. This ever-growing community of science communicators is what makes SelectScience the world's leading source of opinion on laboratory products, technologies and services. As a thank you, we like to give our reviewers the chance to win great prizes in regular competitions. 

Below, in their own words, find out the key reasons why scientists love reading reviews on SelectScience. Why not get involved and write your own lab product review today? 

SelectScience winners 2020

Congratulations to the latest winners of the 12 Reviews of Christmas giveaway!

  • Paula Hartman, Arcturus, USA

"I think SelectScience reviews are important as it's always nice to have some hands-on user feedback prior to purchasing and spending time on something."

  • Inmaculada Tamarit Navarro, AIMPLAS, Spain

"Reading SelectScience reviews is important because this way users can see other people's opinions about the equipment, and perhaps resolve any doubts they may have."

  • Matthias Huber, Novartis, Switzerland

"The best opinion when it comes to purchasing a new instrument comes from another purchaser. It makes purchase decisions so much easier and it is really helpful in avoiding wasted money!"

  • Weibin Zhou, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, USA

"I think the reviews on research products on SelectScience are indeed very important to researchers like me, because when I make purchases of research supplies and equipment, user reviews/feedback play a critical role in my purchase decision. A reliable review usually will save me a lot of effort in identifying a useful research product."

  • Kovashnee Naido, National Institute for Communicable Disease (NICD), South Africa

“Reviews on SelectScience allow the scientific community to be positively influenced with regard to consumer decisions and also can assist in strengthening a company’s credibility”.

  • Jatin Nandania, Roche, Germany

"Selecting a product for your need is very challenging and time-consuming. Thanks to SelectScience which provides a good platform for comparison and makes things easy for selecting products for the lab."

  • Songkran Vongsilathai, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

"SelectScience provides fresh perspectives."

  • Neha Mittal, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA

"It is an excellent platform to make a reliable and confident decision about your lab purchases. Sometimes you need to make a fast and expensive decision for your lab instruments and reagents. Instead of testing everything, it is better to hear from your peers. This requirement is successfully completed by reading reviews on Select Science. I am very happy to be a part of this unique platform."

  • Haley Allard, University of Lethbridge, Canada

"Reviews on SelectScience are important because in specialized fields of study it can be challenging to connect with others who work with the same equipment. SelectScience reviews make it easy to verify that equipment will be a good purchase prior to committing to the item."

Congratulations to the winners of a SelectScience periodic table T-shirt!

Catalin Sfat University of Bucharest

Prof. Catalin Sfat, University of Bucharest

  • Nithon Chandra, Beximco Pharma, Bangladesh

"SelectScience is such type of platform where any new kind of latest scientific invention, evaluation, etc, is published. Thousands of users can review the existing and old products, instruments, or equipment, which may help each other. This is why reviews on SelectScience are very important to me."

  • Catalin Sfat, University of Bucharest, Romania

"I consider that the reviews for research apparatus and equipment have special importance, for two reasons. Firstly because it facilitates the access of specialists to the characteristics and performances of the equipment which are appreciated by direct users, and secondly because they mediate the contacts between the specialists who use the same categories of equipment."

  • Neha Mittal, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA

"SelectScience provides a unique platform to decide your workflow with ease by getting exposure to choose the best instruments and reagents for your experiments and lab, which is very unique and useful for the larger community to improve their work environment and knowledge at a bigger scale. This is an awesome workflow to give and take policy, where you can decide what is best for your lab and experiments."

  • Vivek Pulikkal, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA.

"Reviews on SelectScience can save a lot of time by pointing you to the right product by people who are working in the same field."

  • Amanda Cummings, research technician, University of Georgia, USA.

"Reviews on SelectScience help people who work in the lab select the best consumables and supplies for their projects."

  • Meridee Mannino, Bertozzi Lab Manager at Stanford University, USA.

"By reading reviews of products, I get a better understanding of whether a product is really what I am looking for. This saves both time and money."

  • Dr. Yudai Nishitani, University of Hyogo, Japan.

"I think reviewing laboratory equipment on SelectScience is very important because people want to know how equipment works first. All laboratory equipment is expensive, and it is difficult to test them before purchase. Reviews from people who have already bought and used equipment are really useful for researchers who are thinking about buying them."

  • Dr. Shang Su, Center for cancer and cell biology, Van Andel Institute, MI, USA.

"Reviews on specific products help laboratory scientists, including me, in deciding the most appropriate reagents or equipment in fulfilling their targets, without struggling with hopeless troubleshooting on improper products. It is really frustrating when you spend 3 months using uncertificated or uncited products, but you will feel fantastic when you just find someone successfully conducted the same or similar experiments with certain specific products. You just go on, try and succeed.
That is the magic for online-platform like SelectScience."

  • Dr. Coralie Reich, research scientist at Agriculture Victoria, Australia.

"Reviews on SelectScience help people to make decisions on equipment and reagents."

Congratulations to our bi-monthly competition winners!

Kelly Harden


Kelly Harden, North Texas Municipal Water District, won a $400 Amazon gift card.

“When buying new instrumentation you need to make sure you are making the right investment.  SelectScience is one of my first stops when starting the purchase process.” 


Prof. Emiliano Aroasio, University of Turin, won a $400 Amazon gift card.

“Reviews on SelectScience matter because they are written by scientists, are directed to scientists and are true!"


Dr. Monika Raina, lead investigator at Syngene International, India, won a $400 Amazon gift card.

"It is really a great honor to be connected with SelectScience for various inputs from the different teams all over the globe."


Laurent Gigot, research & development for PolyOne, won a $400 Amazon gift card.

"I use SelectScience to find references and recommendations on equipment that can be useful for my daily job."


Dr. Inga Nagel, a cancer researcher from Germany, won a $400 Amazon gift card.

"I use SelectScience because I think it is a comfortable and nice way to receive information about (new) techniques. The ratings and reviews are especially useful for me."

Jenny Xiang, Research Professor at Weill Cornell Medical College

Jenny Xiang, Research Professor at Weill Cornell Medical College, won a $400 Amazon gift card.

"Writing a good and balanced lab product review is not simply to promote a product you like; instead, it is to share your real experience and your vision with other customers, helping new customers to determine whether or not it is the right product for them."


Shawn McFadden, chemistry instructor and technical specialist at Ryerson University

Shawn McFadden, chemistry instructor and technical specialist at Ryerson University, won a $400 Amazon gift card.

"I appreciate using reviews first hand, so I thought leaving a review would potentially be helpful for others. There are many competing providers out there with various instruments, and of course, the salesperson is going to tell you that theirs is the best. Input from a third party is therefore very valuable to highlight the benefits or shortcomings of a product."


Grace Mak, Senior Scientific Officer, Institute of Cancer Research, London

Grace Mak, Senior Scientific Officer, Institute of Cancer Research, London:

"As a scientist, it is really important to share our views on the products we use so as to help each other in the field. SelectScience provides us with this platform!"


Evan Moore, Battelle Memorial Institute

Evan Moore, Battelle Memorial Institute:

"I use SelectScience because they can consolidate and present to me information relevant to my field that I might not have found on my own."


Dr Tomasz Gozdiewicz, Analytics and Mass Spectrometry Expert at Polpharma Biologics

Dr Tomasz Goździewicz, Analytics and Mass Spectrometry Expert at Polpharma Biologics:

"SelectScience gives me the unique opportunity to find opinions about scientific equipment from people who work in the lab and really know the pros and cons of their instruments."


Evan Moore, Battelle Memorial Institute

Dr. Thomas Pisanic, Johns Hopkins University:

"SelectScience fulfills a longstanding need in the scientific community: a well-organized, centralized resource of thorough, unbiased reviews of a wide range of scientific instrumentation and products. The ability to factor in opinions and direct experiences of end-users saves money, time and a lot of potential headaches."


Dr. Greg Smith, Indianapolis Museum of Art

Dr. Greg D. Smith, Sr. Conservation Scientist at Indianapolis Museum of Art:

"Our museum laboratory operates on a tight budget, so we need to know that any new purchase is a sound investment.  SelectScience offers unvarnished opinions from those using the equipment in the field, giving us confidence before we buy.”


Tom Edlind, MicrobiType

Dr. Tom Edlind, MicrobiType LLC:

"Where to begin when deciding on lab equipment, consumables, reagents, or services? I would start with SelectScience reviews, since only then can you be confident that you are hearing from actual scientists like yourself, rather than the standard company sales pitch."



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