Editorial Article: Virtual Neuroscience Summit: Registration now open

Watch world-renowned experts and connect with leading innovators on the hottest topics, new developments and latest technologies in neuroscience

22 Oct 2020

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Reserve your place today and join us online from November 17-18, 2020

Free early bird registration is now open for the SelectScience® Virtual Neuroscience Summit, taking place from November 17-18.

Covering hot topics in neurological disease, neurodegeneration, analytical neurochemistry and more, this groundbreaking online event will offer an interactive forum for scientists and manufacturers worldwide to connect and discuss the latest developments and technologies at this critical time.

Why attend?

  • Watch presentations by world-leading pioneers and innovators at the forefront of neuroscience research
  • Network with other scientists and chat live with manufacturers about the newest technology solutions
  • Explore interactive booths to access the latest products, novel techniques and free resources

We will be joined by top speakers sharing fascinating insights in live presentations and Q&As throughout the event, as well as manufacturers operating at the cutting edge of innovation in neuroscience. Headline themes include understanding pain, memory and emergent behaviors, 3D brain modeling, new imaging technology for neuroscience, Alzheimer’s disease, and much more.

Register now to explore interactive booths offering up-to-the-minute technique and technology news, join themed networking sessions and network with other attendees via 1-on-1 webcam chats, plus collect a ‘swag bag’ with a certificate of attendance, case studies and other resources to download, all completely free of charge.

We are delighted to welcome the following esteemed speakers, with more to be announced imminently:

Jonathan Sweedler Neuroscience Virtual Summit 2020

Keynote: Prof. Jonathan Sweedler, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

D-amino acids in the brain: what are they, how did they get there and what are they doing

Omer Bayraktar Neuroscience Virtual Summit 2020

Keynote: Dr. Omer Bayraktar, Wellcome Sanger Institute

Mapping human tissue architecture using spatial genomics

Dayne Beccano-Kelly Neuroscience Virtual Summit 2020

Dr. Dayne Beccano-Kelly, University of Oxford

Once upon a time at the synapse: A tale of early dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease

Andreas Langer Neuroscience Virtual Summit 2020

Dr. Andreas Langer, NanoTemper Technologies

Studying intrinsically disordered proteins using NanoTemper instruments: New insights into tau aggregation

Shakil Awan Neuroscience Virtual Summit 2020

Dr. Shakil Awan, University of Plymouth

Detection of Alzheimer's protein biomarker clusterin using graphene sensors

Naomi Habib Neuroscience Virtual Summit 2020

Dr. Naomi Habib, University of Jerusalem

Dissecting the cellular landscape of the Alzheimer's brain: Disease-associated astrocytes

Susana Alcantara Neuroscience Virtual Summit 2020

Susana Alcantara, Sartorius

Revealing CNS secrets: Live-cell analysis for neuroscientists

Min Tang-Schomer Neuroscience Virtual Summit 2020

Dr. Min Tang-Schomer, The Jackson Laboratory & Connecticut Children's Medical Center

Understanding the brain with innovative, 3D bioengineered brain-like tissue models

Anastas Popratiloff Neuroscience Virtual Summit 2020

Prof. Anastas Popratiloff, The George Washington University

Neuronal degeneration in the hypoglossal nucleus of 22q11.DS mouse models: How advanced optical and electron microscopy can facilitate the discovery process



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