Editorial Article: Virtual Food Analysis Summit 2022: Full meeting agenda

Watch leading scientists online, October 4, to discover the latest techniques, cutting-edge technologies, and critical developments in food analysis research

27 Sep 2022

SelectScience Virtual Food Analysis Summit


The full exciting schedule has been announced for the SelectScience® Virtual Food Analysis Summit, launching on October 4.

Covering hot topics such as AI and nanotechnology in food safety, food fraud, food contact materials, and pesticide and mycotoxin contamination, this free-to-attend online event offers an interactive forum for scientists and manufacturers to connect, showcase research, and share technology solutions.

The Summit will host talks by world-leading scientists, live Q&As, video interviews, interactive resource booths, and unique networking opportunities. Attendees will also be able to view academic posters submitted by our global scientific community, leave comments, ask questions, and prompt collaboration through 1-on-1 chat facilities.

Register now to catch the talks that are most relevant to your work, and read on to learn more about:

  • Prof. Gene Hall, Rutgers University
  • Prof. Chiara Dall'Asata, University of Parma
  • Dr. Bert Popping, FOCOS Food Consulting
  • Prof. Salvatore Parisi, Lourdes Matha Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (IHMCT)
  • Rex Simcox, Chattanooga Coca-Cola Co.


Tuesday, October 4

Times in bold are shown as British Summer Time (BST)


Opening address & Poster session

 14:00 (CEST) 
 08:00 (EDT)
 05:00 (PDT)

Characterization of food and drink by Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe (ASAP) mass spectrometry 

Prof. Gene Hall, Rutgers University
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 14:45 (CEST) 
 08:45 (EDT)
 05:45 (PDT)

Can AI make our food safer?

Dr. Bert Popping, FOCOS Food Consulting
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Mycotoxins in plant-based meat alternatives: A safety issue or not?

Prof. Chiara Dall'Asata, University of Parma
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 15:30 (CEST) 
 09:30 (EDT)
 06:30 (PDT)

Emerging trends and future directions in food testing: Measuring migration from food contact materials

Dr. Yelena Sapozhnikova, USDA-ARS; Cristina Nerín, University of Zaragoza; Tim Stratton, Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Pesticide residue analysis in cannabis: Method fundamentals and confirmation strategies

Dr. Julie Kowalski, JA Kowalski Science Support, LLC
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 16:30 (CEST) 
 10:30 (EDT)
 07:30 (PDT)

The food packaging synergy: Advantages, safety and integrity risks, and possible solutions

Prof. Salvatore Parisi, Lourdes Matha Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (IHMCT)
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From the lab to the table – food analysis with Raman microscopy

Andrea Richter, Witec
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 17:15 (CEST) 
 11:15 (EDT)
 08:15 (PDT)

Getting out of the weeds: Food pesticide analysis with Agilent GC/MS/MS

Joel Ferrer, Agilent
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Automated sample preparation for pesticides using QuEChERS extraction and cleanup 

Dr. Hans-Joachim Huebschmann; Chiew Mei Chong, CTC Analytics AG; Gwen Lim, CTC Analytics – session sponsored by Pal System
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 18:00 (CEST) 
 12:00 (EDT)
 09:00 (PDT)

Utilizing new and unique GC column selectivities for optimal separation of dioxins, PCBs, and PAHs in environmental and food matrices

Dr. Ramkumar Dhandapani, Phenomenex
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LC-MS/MS: The key to analyzing PFAS in milk, infant formula, and related food ingredients 

Dr. Lukas Vaclavik, Eurofins Food Integrity & Innovation
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 18:45 (CEST) 
 12:45 (EDT)
 09:45 (PDT)

The wonderful gift of good water

Rex Simcox, Chattanooga Coca-Cola Co.
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 19:15 (CEST) 
 13:15 (EDT)
 10:15 (PDT)

Poster session


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