Editorial Article: Video highlights from Neuroscience 2019

Check out some of our favorite interviews from the Neuroscience 2019 annual meeting in Chicago

14 Nov 2019

Last month, our Editors attended the world's largest meeting devoted to the prevention and cure of neurological disorders - the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting 2019 in Chicago, U.S.A. - where we had the chance to interview scientists at the forefront of research and report on the technological innovations designed to advance their work. We captured some of these interviews on camera, to share with our members - here are some of our video highlights. Plus, find product reviews and other related neuroscience resources below.

Understanding brain circuit activity to offer better treatments for patients

Dr. Walter Koroshetz, Director of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), discusses three major projects it is running to try to better understand brain activity and improve the care of patients with neurological disorders. 



Tailored antigen design for high-specificity, high-affinity mAbs

Accelerate therapeutic antibody discovery and development with MonoRab™, the newly upgraded premier rabbit mAb service from GenScript, for custom-made antibodies specific to your application. In this video, Dr. Samantha Zaroff explains how the technology generates a large number of high-quality rabbit monoclonal antibodies for any application, with a stress-free workflow that aims to ensure delivery of the maximum number of clones for application-based testing.




Profiling Alzheimer's disease pathology using single-nucleus RNA sequencing

Dr. Naomi Habib, Associate Professor in brain sciences at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is profiling aging-related pathology in the brain to gain a better understanding of disease progression and insight for novel therapeutic development.



Read the latest reviews:

Every year we receive and publish thousands of lab product reviews from researchers around the globe working right across the scientific spectrum.  Below, take a look at a few of our reviews related to neuroscience products:

eStain® L1 Protein Staining System by GenScript

xCelligence RTCA MP by ACEA Biosciences - review for precision medicine special feature

xCELLigence RTCA MP by ACEA Biosciences – A part of Agilent

xCelligence RTCA MP by ACEA Biosciences - review for precision medicine special feature


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