Editorial Article: The Use of Mass Spectrometry in Metabolomics Research - Special Feature

Discover the innovative technologies at the center of metabolomics research

11 Jul 2018

Metabolomics, the systematic identification and then quantification of small molecule metabolic products, is an emerging field in 'omics' research. The metabolome is comprised of all the small metabolite molecules, intermediates and metabolic products in an organism, and can provide a glimpse into the organism's physiology.  

One key technology used in metabolomics is mass spectrometry, a leading technology which is used for both metabolomics and lipidomics analyses due to its ability to analyze complex samples, its wide dynamic range, and reproducibility. Metabolomics workflows have been used in research areas including life sciences, food and beverage industry, agriculture, and biofuels. In July, SelectScience®  will be featuring a number of articles and application notes on metabolomics and highlighting the broad applicability of mass spectrometry and other technologies within metabolomic research. 

Plus, make sure you have standards for mass spectrometry ensuring quality control and internal standardization, by using an internal standard such as Metabolite Yeast Extract, which reduces measurement uncertainty, and improves precision and accuracy.

Discover examples of metabolomics at work in the articles below: 


Salivary Hepcidin ELISA: Metabolites as Biomarkers for Disease

Analysis of metabolites found in saliva is a favorable diagnostic solution, as it can be obtained by methods sample collection methods which are both a non-invasive and stress-free.  Tools such as the DRG Salivary Hepcidin ELISA can be used for the quantification of metabolites such as Hepcidin in a standardized, precise and efficient way. 

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Metabolite Quantitation: Organic Acid Quantitation in Mouse Muscle

Organic acids (OAs) play pivotal roles in a host of metabolic pathways.  This note, by Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, summarizes an IC-MRM/MS method with stable isotope standards and its application to quantify polar OAs in mouse muscle.
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Honey Analysis: High-Definition Mass Spec Metabolomic Workflow

Honey is a highly valuable food commodity, which is often subjected to mislabeling and adulteration. The identification of a honey's floral origin is an important step in ensuring food quality. In this application note,  the differentiation of honey from different botanical origins is demonstrated using an untargeted metabolomics approach via UPLC -MS/MS.

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Metabolic Screening: Cracking the Clinical Mass Spec Challenge

Predicting the health of a newborn baby is a fundamental concern for healthcare professionals. Read this exclusive interview with Louise Kenny, one of the founding directors of the INFANT Centre, to discover how they are using mass spectrometry to research preeclampsia and pre-term birth, and the biomarkers they have identified. 

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Mass Spectrometry: Metabolic Phenotyping Enabled by Advanced Technology

Dr. Jim Langridge, Director of Scientific Operations for Waters Corporation, shares his scientific journey alongside the evolution of mass spec technology and reveals what’s in store for the future. In this interview, discover how metabolic phenotyping of human urine can be carried out using ultra-performance liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry.

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