Editorial Article: The importance of comprehensive and efficient toxicology solutions: Exploring the benefits of the Abbott ImmTox 270 benchtop analyzer

Take your toxicology screening to the next level with faster turnaround times, greater efficiency, and a comprehensive drug testing menu

10 Oct 2022

Dr. Mark Villoria shares why the ImmTox 270 is a must-have for any lab or clinic

Customer-focused and efficient toxicology screening solutions are a priority in many laboratories, physicians’ offices and rehabilitation centers. It is crucial that patient toxicology results are delivered on time to aid in effective care for patients. Therefore, it is critical that any toxicology screening solution offers a high-throughput and effective solution, with comprehensive technical support.  

In this interview, we speak with Dr. Mark Villoria, Senior Manager of Products and Applications in Abbott’s rapid diagnostics business, who talks about his role, the importance of customer-centric support, and efficient toxicology solutions with the Abbott ImmTox™ 270 benchtop analyzer

Villoria manages the team that provides product support for toxicology reagents, as well as the remote and onsite technical support for Abbott’s toxicology customers, covering any technical issues that customers face with the product, assisting with troubleshooting and anything else they may need.

A comprehensive and efficient toxicology screening solution 

The ImmTox 270 benchtop analyzer offers comprehensive toxicology solutions for physicians’ offices, laboratories, and treatment centers. According to Villoria, the ImmTox 270 provides a simple interface for laboratorians to perform presumptive drug tests on a patient's urine specimen thus resulting what drug classes might be present in an individual. 

 “This product has a large drug testing menu, which allows the lab to test for core drugs, opioids, fentanyl and many esoteric substances,” says Villoria. “The unit is very compact which makes it amenable for small laboratory spaces—and it doesn't require special power or a dedicated water system.”

The ImmTox™ 270 provides comprehensive and efficient toxicology screening solutions

This is an essential service to assess illicit drug use, drug abuse, or compliance to prescription medication through urinalysis. As Villoria explains. “Physicians, healthcare providers, and rehab centers need to know that their patients are legitimately using the drugs that are prescribed and that they are no longer abusing substances that they should be avoiding. Our customers appreciate the quick results and the fact that all calibration and QC data are readily accessible and available to them.” 

“The customization of the test menu that we can work on with our customers is very valuable because it means that they're only testing for drugs or drug classes that are relevant specifically to their practice,” continues Villoria. “If they don't need a test for opioids in their practice, then they don't test for it. They can customize the menu to specifically what they expect to see or don't see in their patients. That helps to have a lot of assays available.” 

Sustainability is also an important offering of the ImmTox 270. “The ImmTox 270 employs reusable cuvettes which drastically reduces the consumable costs compared to other systems,” says Villoria. “Many other instruments use disposable plastic cuvettes, which are neither environmentally responsible or affordable.” 

Customers at the heart 

It is evident that customer-centric service is a top priority for Villoria and his team and is at the heart of Abbott’s dedication to its customers. “We have a dedicated technical consulting group,” says Villoria, “and this group works with customers to assist with any relevant state licensure and provide inspection support to allow labs to achieve inspections with zero or minimal deficiencies... Abbott is able to facilitate physicians with no lab experience and assist their setup as a fully functioning licensed laboratory.”

Abbott is able to facilitate physicians with no lab experience and assist their setup as a fully functioning licensed laboratory.

Dr. Mark Villoria


Abbott’s customer service does not stop there, with Technical Consulting Services and support working tirelessly with customers to assist in using and maintaining their products. “My teams interact extensively with our customers, which includes providing troubleshooting assistance, and educating and training laboratory staff on the proper use of our reagents on various instrumentation platforms,” explains Villoria.

Villoria continues to describe the convenience of the ImmTox 270 in terms of service and support, “There are advantages to the fact that we distribute both the reagents and the instrumentation. On the instrument side, we provide emergency service coverage as well as preventive maintenance visits.” 

More than that, a core part of Abbott’s customer service is understanding and addressing customer frustrations with toxicology screening products from other vendors. As Villoria explains, “We have a comprehensive training program with the ImmTox 270 that require sign-offs from both the lab staff and the Abbott representative...back orders are minimal with constant communication among the Abbott manufacturing group and our teams and the customers.”  

Villoria enjoys witnessing the growth and potential of individuals, attesting “one of my passions in life, in general, is seeing individuals grow to their full potential.”

“For customers, that means witnessing our employees educate individuals who may have never stepped foot in a lab and then later show full confidence in the operation of a new instrument.”  

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