Editorial Article: SelectScience to Attend ASSET 2018 to Conduct Exclusive Interviews with Food Security Experts

SelectScience looks forward to speaking with experts from the food industry about global food integrity challenges and solutions

21 May 2018

SelectScience is looking forward to attending the Belfast Summit on Global Food Integrity (ASSET 2018), which will bring together food security experts from all over the world, spanning academia, industry, agriculture, NGOs and regulators. Taking place from May 28 - 31 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, this exciting and forward-thinking event will see top scientists grapple with the dilemma of how to feed a growing  population with integrity. 

Meeting the global food demand is becoming an increasingly prominent issue as the growing world population puts continuous strain on our food supplies, already under threat from an alarming number of outbreaks of animal/plant pests and diseases and food safety concerns, as well as climate change, increased pollution, environmental degradation and loss of biodiversity. Beyond that, there are Brexit, food fraud and terrorism to consider too.

ASSET 2018 will bring together experts from the food industry and its supply chain to discuss, debate and provide leadership on tackling the range of serious challenges that face the integrity of our global food supply system. The Summit will feature several high-level strategic presentations on key issues by internationally recognized leaders, harnessing their collective knowledge and experience to address these challenges, all with an overarching aim of delivering a white paper of policy recommendations.

The world’s first “blockchain” beer produced in Northern Ireland will also be launched at ASSET 2018, giving the public an opportunity for a sneak preview of the innovative Downstream Beer. Using blockchain technology inspired by bitcoin, it enables the consumer to find out the provenance of the beer – ingredients, supply chain, methods of production – by scanning the graphic on the label with a smart phone. With incidences of food fraud on the rise, blockchain may be the solution to improving the traceability of food chains.

Members of the SelectScience editorial team will be at the event to get an insight from some of those right at the forefront of the field. Look out for these exclusive video interviews, plus all the latest news and applications, in our exclusive feature dedicated to the latest developments in food safety and authenticity testing in June.