Editorial Article: New Solutions to Streamline Vitamin D Testing by LC-MS/MS in the Clinical Laboratory

Learn about SCIEX’s latest solutions to automate vitamin D assays

18 Sep 2018

The use of mass spectrometry in the clinical laboratory is on the rise, with clinical scientists and healthcare professionals benefitting from improved accuracy, sensitivity and flexibility associated with LC-MS/MS. Compared to traditional technologies, clinical mass spectrometry delivers more accurate data, to support medical decisions and improve the quality of patient care.

The  Topaz™ Prep Station can be integrated with the Topaz LC-MS System to streamline assay workflows

As this technology becomes more commonplace, demand is growing to streamline the clinical mass spectrometry workflow. Here, we speak to Shruti Rex, product manager for clinical diagnostics at SCIEX, to learn about the company’s latest solutions for the clinical mass spectrometry workflow, including the new Topaz Prep Station and Vitamin D 200A Assay Kit.

Tell us a little about the Topaz™ LC-MS/MS System and how it benefits the clinical laboratory

The Topaz™ LC-MS/MS System is a Class I Medical Device designed to simplify adoption for new mass spectrometry users, while still offering the functionality needed for more advanced users.
The Topaz™ LC-MS/MS System was shortlisted for the Best New Clinical Laboratory Instrumentation of 2017 in the SelectScience Scientists’ Choice Awards, which are nominated and voted for by clinical scientists and healthcare professionals worldwide – what does your nomination mean to you?

It is always great to be recognized by leaders and peers in the industry. The Topaz™ LC-MS/MS System incorporates user-friendly features and streamlines workflows and method development, making the gold-standard technology even more accessible for routine users.
Tell us about the new products that integrate with the Topaz LC-MS System, introduced by SCIEX at AACC 2018.

At AACC, we introduced the Topaz™ Prep Station, an automated sample preparation workstation that is ideal for labs managing high daily sample volumes, and the new automated Vitamin D 200A Assay Kit, a locked, pre-validated assay that enables labs to perform vitamin D analysis in-house. The Vitamin D 200A Assay Kit employs automated sample preparation on the Topaz Prep Station to deliver highly accurate results to support medical decisions and quality patient care.
What impact will these products have on patient care?

Together, the Topaz Prep Station and the Vitamin D 200A Assay Kit enable clinical diagnostic testing labs to:

  • Increase laboratory productivity – fully automated sample preparation frees up laboratory staff to perform other tasks
  • Further reduce sample preparation times and streamline workflows, with the pre-developed assay kit
  • Provide more consistent and accurate results, and minimize human error due to connectivity with the Topaz LC-MS/MS System
  • Easily handle large sample volumes — ideal for busy laboratories
  • Ensure continuous sample tracking, via tube and plate barcode scanning

The Topaz System makes the move to mass spectrometry simple and efficient by providing clinical diagnostics laboratories a complete LC-MS/MS package, with an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface that allows users to build proficiency quickly.
What do you see for the future of mass spectrometry in the clinical laboratory?

I see clinical research taking a bigger stage, alongside clinical diagnostics. We are increasing efforts to showcase our clinical research innovations and workflows that support biomarker discovery and validation, recognizing that new biomarkers today could be applied as routine diagnostic assays of the future.

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