Editorial Article: Nanomaterials and Particle Size Analysis: Special Feature

Discover a range of cutting-edge applications and new technologies, plus, don't miss our exclusive video interview with a Nobel laureate

12 Jul 2019

In this special feature, join us as we take a look at some of the latest techniques and emerging technologies advancing the field of nanomaterials and particle size analysis. There are useful resources to download, an expert webinar to watch at your leisure and much more as we explore a broad range of applications, from metal microstructure to food quality. Plus, be sure not to miss our exclusive interview with the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner, Sir Fraser Stoddart.

FIB-SEM: Investigations into the Microstructure of CIGS Solar Cells

FIB-SEMs are a useful tool for the analysis of the microstructure in materials research. Download this application note to find out how the ZEISS Crossbeam can be used to analyze CIGS solar cells as a model system.

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PARTICLE SIZE: Tops Tips for Particle Size Analysis Sampling

This white paper from Malvern considers a range of sampling methods for particle size analysis, such as the mass of sample required, as well as the reliability and practicality of the sampling methods.

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RAMAN MICROSCOPY: Discover a Non-Destructive Microscopic Solution

In this application compendium, discover the art of Raman microscopy and successful applications of the technique, along with the latest confocal and correlative Raman imaging systems from WITec GmbH.

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MICROSCOPY: Efficient Microstructure Characterization of Metals

This webinar introduces a new comprehensive solution for microstructure analysis and presents standardized techniques for metallography investigation.

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HOMOGENIZATION: Guide for the Optimization of Emulsion Stability

Particle size and distribution have a direct effect on the formulation stability of food products. This guide describes a method for particle size analysis following homogenization, ensuring the quality of the product.

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NANO-CUBES: Nobel Prize Winning Nanomaterial to Skin Care Product

Sir Fraser Stoddart, along with Jean-Pierre Sauvage and Ben Feringa, won the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the design and synthesis of artificial molecular machines. Learn more about his work and his hopes for the future in this video interview.

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