Editorial Article: Meet the reviewers who have already hit the jackpot in our big seasonal giveaway

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19 Jul 2021

Scientists write lab product reviews on SelectScience for all sorts of reasons, from wanting to support their peers around the world in their work to helping manufacturers provide the best technology solutions and demonstrating expertise in their own field. But to show how much we value the time and insight that goes into sharing their experience, we also like to offer them the chance to win great prizes throughout the year.

As we reach the halfway point in our big seasonal reviews competition, many lab scientists have already received hundreds of dollars worth of prizes as a thank you for sharing their opinions on the lab equipment they use.

Each week from June 7 until July 30, we are giving away $100 (or equivalent currency) in Amazon.com Gift Cards, to our reviewers. To enter, all you need to do is write a valid review of a laboratory product or service. Below, meet some of our first lucky winners and find out, in their own words, why scientists love reading and writing reviews on SelectScience.

Congratulations to our weekly $100 Amazon.com Gift Card winners! 


Kanika Jain


Kanika Jain, postdoctoral associate at Yale University, USA

“Science is full of questions. Reviews on SelectScience help researchers in our field to get some answers.” 

Leonard Chay


Leonard Chay, applications scientist at SCIEX, Canada

“I think reviews by users are important because they provide a first-hand opinion and testimony to the quality of the product that you intend to buy or are considering.”

B Puri


B Puri, professor at the University of Cambridge, UK

"Reviews on SelectScience are important. They provide valuable information about the pros and cons of new potential equipment for the laboratory."

Albert Vilella


Albert Vilella, bioinformatics scientist at PetMedix, UK

"We are always looking into better ways to do our science, so having a resource such as SelectScience is invaluable to our work."

Shane Talley


Shane Talley, VCP maintenance technician at Invivoscribe, USA

"I believe writing reviews is crucial for informing the science community on amazing instruments."


Congratulations to our $20 Amazon.com Gift Card winners!

Ming Le


Ming Le, manager at Robertet, USA

“Reviews on SelectScience are important because scientists can share information which can help other people in their decision to purchase new lab equipment.”

Ivan Shlamovitz


Ivan Shlamovitz, cell biologist at MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, UK

“When doing science, the equipment and consumables we use can have a fundamental impact on the advancement of our research. This role is often underplayed, until it manifests itself in some very frustrating and expensive ways. To help us choose which products and resources are the best fit for our projects, SelectScience has proven to be an invaluable source of knowledge. Getting honest and disinterested input straight from researchers with hands-on experience using these products is especially helpful and has allowed us to make our buying decisions in an informed manner. Before getting any piece of equipment, I would highly recommend any scientist to first check on SelectScience what the community thinks of this product, and then don’t forget to write your own reviews!” 

Ronald Kittle


Ronald Kittle, researcher at the University of Louisiana, USA

"Reviews on SelectScience are important because they allow me to explore other researchers’ experiences and, as a graduate student, I am always curious before a product is purchased about what other kinds of products are out there. In addition, this platform allows me to provide my own experiences using these products for other researchers who may not have used the product for typical model organisms - such as macroalgae."

Francisco Arteaga Leon


Francisco Arteaga Leon, researcher at ACQ Labs, Spain

"I think that reviews are a really good way to confirm the equipment’s quality and the users' experiences.”

Shashi Suman


Shashi Kumar Suman, senior researcher at IGBMC, France

"SelectScience is a nice platform where you can find simple, fruitful, and honest reviews for the products, which helps researchers to look, decide and buy the desired products.” 

Favio Garcia


Favio García, senior engineer at Aiju Technological Institute of Children's product and leisure, Spain 

"Like other consumer products elsewhere, reviews are important because you can have feedback about products to help make your decision before buying a product. Reviews help us in every aspect of our consumer lifestyle and, of course, it is great to have this kind of help in our professional life.”

Ahmed Mostafa


Ahmed Mostafasa, researcher at Arizona State University, USA

"Reviews are so important for me as I usually check them before purchasing anything, to know points of strength and weakness.”

Marina Rodriguez


Marina Rodriguez, researcher at University of A Coruña, Spain

“I consider reviews on scientific equipment and reagents very valuable, particularly when you have many options to choose from; I enjoy reading other scientists' opinions on materials I plan to use so I can make better choices.”

Keerat Kaur


Keerat Kaur, postdoctoral fellow at Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai

“Reviews are another name for scientific collaborations.” 

Daniel Peters


Daniel Peters, research associate at Newcastle University, UK

"The reviews on SelectScience are important for informing researchers on the choice of equipment that's available, allowing them to make the best decisions when selecting tools and reagents for their research."

Gilles Muller


Gilles Muller, professor at San Jose State University, USA

"SelectScience is the place to get useful and honest feedback on equipment, accessories, or services available from trusted peers, to make a purchase decision with confidence.” 



Scott Kisner, laboratory supervisor-quality at Trinity River Authority, USA

"SelectScience reviews are important to the science community so that we are able to obtain real-world reviews of the products we budget for and purchase regularly.”

Janak Joshi


Janak Joshi, postdoctoral researcher at Colorado State University, USA

"SelectScience reviews – an experienced voice to make science easy.”

Jacqueline Shin


Jacqueline Shin, researcher at UNC Chapel Hill, USA

"SelectScience is an important resource because it is an independent entity (that is not linked to a biotechnology company or resource manufacturer). It provides information from a wide array of scientists in different fields and research concentrations and the resources it provides (such as the product reviews, but also the webinars, white papers, and other protocol-related resources) make it possible for a scientist to make the best-informed decisions to ensure the accuracy, scientific quality and reproducibility of their experimental procedures and report the most conclusive, biologically relevant results. Not to mention the fact that peer-review is an essential part of the scientific process and no single person can keep up with all the developments and recent discoveries, which is why getting other reliable opinions is of the utmost importance.”

Gaye Brunson


Gaye Brunson, director at Reeves Memorial, USA

"Reviews from actual users provide the best insight.”


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