Editorial Article: Liquid handling: The latest piece of equipment to modernize your pipetting workflow

A new high-quality, cleverly designed liquid handling device can help combat common challenges and accelerate scientific development

22 Mar 2023

Liquid handling BRAND accu-jet® S pipette controller

The quality and design of liquid handling equipment can make all the difference in day-to-day usage for scientists and research teams. Premium devices help make liquid handling tasks easy, comfortable, and efficient through smooth operation, ergonomics, and workflow patterns. Instruments without this type of design can greatly reduce productivity and quality of results, and sometimes even cause injury to the user. The new BRAND accu-jet® S Pipette Controller by BrandTech® Scientific is designed with the user in mind and combines ergonomic principles with the quality of German engineering to optimize liquid handling.

In this article, we speak with Rebecca Lampert, Liquid Handling Product Manager for BrandTech Scientific, a company that delivers intuitive and efficient solutions for liquid handling and vacuum technology. She explains some of the main challenges scientists face with liquid handling and how the new and more advanced BRAND accu-jet S Pipette Controller from BrandTech can help solve these problems and accelerate scientific advances.

Effective liquid handling with the accu-jet S Pipette Controller

Pipette controllers are an essential piece of equipment in any life science laboratory, particularly for scientists who carry out cell or tissue culture work, general pipetting tasks, or who need to prepare reagents, solutions, and media. But scientists face several challenges with liquid handling that can stall progress, which makes choosing the right pipette fundamental to the success of any project.

“Thoughtful design is not only critical to the performance of pipettes but to the longevity of the product and comfort for the scientist, both short- and long-term. The repetitive nature of pipetting workflows can cause discomfort and fatigue in the hands and wrists, and can sometimes lead to repetitive strain injuries, especially if the pipette doesn’t fit well in the hand. Poorly designed pipetting devices can also contribute to inaccurate liquid transfers, negatively impacting results, and slowing progress,” explains Lampert. 

“It is also vital to keep pipettes clean and sterile to prevent contamination of cell cultures. This is often challenging when the instrument is constantly picked up and put down on bench surfaces, where it will likely come into contact with contaminants. Additionally, cell culture work is delicate and requires precise pipetting in order to avoid disruption to cell lines. This level of control can be difficult with many manual pipettes unless they are well designed.”

liquid handling BRAND accu-jet® S pipette controller

The accu-jet S Pipette Controller possesses new and more advanced features that make it a great addition for any lab carrying out liquid handling. The ergonomic, lightweight design allows the user to comfortably hold the accu-jet S for extended periods of time without fatigue or discomfort in the hand or wrist, lowering the risk of repetitive strain injuries. Pressure-sensitive buttons provide easy speed and mode changes, making it simple and convenient to use. With one-handed adjustment of motor power and transition to gravity delivery mode, the device is highly effective at delivering liquid samples without disturbing sensitive cell lines. The updated design also integrates a rest position so that the accu-jet S can be laid on its back with the pipette tip resting in the air. This avoids contact with a holder or the table to minimize the risk of contamination.

Top-quality liquid handling equipment

First-rate pipette controllers that are well-designed and expertly manufactured are crucial for precise, reliable, and efficient liquid handling. They might not seem the most important instrument in a lab, but products that reliably perform as they should enable rapid scientific progression. Ergonomic design, the weight of the instrument, and the quality of materials used in manufacturing and intentional design features all contribute to the overall quality and performance and are key considerations when selecting the right pipette. Intelligently constructed laboratory equipment that is built to last also helps decrease environmental impact over time, a consideration that is now more important than ever for all laboratories. 

It’s up to the scientist to move forward with instruments that best support their work and day-to-day workflow.

Rebecca Lampert

BrandTech Scientific 

Lampert emphasizes how choosing a quality instrument and supplier can increase the chances of success and improve the efficiency of liquid handling. “Ultimately, it’s up to the scientist to move forward with instruments that best support their work and day-to-day workflows. My personal advice is to work with a company you trust and whose products you enjoy using. If you’re ever looking to experience how BrandTech’s liquid handling instruments can make a difference to your lab work, such as the accu-jet S, or perhaps you are looking for automation to help with the repetitive nature of lab work, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your regional BrandTech representative.”

BrandTech’s product development continues to address the ever-developing needs of laboratories which require new and innovative liquid handling solutions. BrandTech particularly focuses on the practical benefits of their products, making the user experience a top priority when it comes to designing equipment. Therefore, each product is developed and tested by laboratory experts and made to be simple, efficient, and easy to use. Lampert concludes, “Whatever the future has in store, BrandTech is proud to offer high-quality and trusted liquid handling solutions.”