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Editorial Article: Life Sciences Trends: February’s Top 10 Highlights

Keep up with the latest trends and hot topics in our life sciences community and find out what not to miss in March

01 Mar 2019

Catch up on all February’s biggest technology stories in the life sciences community with our monthly round-up. Watch our latest video interviews with leading scientists, explore our cell biology special feature, and download our 3 most popular application notes of the month. We also highlight upcoming webinars and events to add to your diary for March.


Watch Our Latest Videos

Screenshot of Henry Shu from Agilent Technologies being interviewed
Henry Shu from Agilent explains the benefits of automating sample prep

Streamline Your Cell Analysis & Metabolomics Workflows

Learn how automating sample preparation using Agilent’s innovative liquid handling platform can help to achieve more consistent and reproducible results in metabolomics research.

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Cell Magnetization: Enabling 2D Workflows to be Conducted in 3D Environments

Heard of cell magnetization? Discover how this unique approach to 3D cell culture is improving the analysis of cells in physiologically relevant environments and find out about a revolutionary cell magnetization technology by Greiner Bio-One that provides a solution for common challenges faced when working in 3D.

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Optimizing CRISPR/Cas9 for Easy Gene Editing

Discover the CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technology that is trending amongst life scientists and find out what makes it so special. Dr. Sylvain Baron, from Cellecta, shares his projects using this technology and explains how he optimizes several aspects of CRISPR to make it easier to knock out, activate or repress genes.

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Read Our Cell Biology News

Special Feature: The Latest Trends and Technologies Advancing Cell Biology

Visual representation of human cells with orange nucleus on blue background
Learn about the recent developments in cell biology research and technology


Cell biology has been causing a stir amongst the life sciences community in February! Check out our dedicated special feature to discover some of the latest innovations set to revolutionize cell biology research, including label-free cell proliferation and morphology assays; the latest tools for targeting angiogenesis; getting the best pipette for your cell biology applications; and our pick of some of the best neuroscience videos and resources.

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How Innovative Cell Biology is Improving Human Health

Discover the latest technological innovations that are enabling scientists to harness the power of cells to improve human health and hear from Thermo Fisher Scientific’s cell biology leader, Dr. Amy Butler, who reveals what she thinks the future holds for cell biology, in this behind the scenes interview.

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Tips and Resources to Improve Your Cell Culture

Looking to improve your cell culture? Check out these useful tips and resources to help you improve your results and hear from scientists working across a range of applications — from the development of new cell models to the production of virus-like particles — about the NuAire lab equipment they use to advance their research.

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3 Useful Downloads

Person wearing blue gloves holding microplate
Discover the top multiplex assay technologies

A Guide to the Latest Technologies to Help Maximize Sample Use

Find out which multiplex assay technologies you need for your lab to successfully measure multiple analytes simultaneously from a single sample in a single experiment run, to help maximize your sample use and save you time and money.

Download eBook>>

High-Throughput Cell Sorting

Learn how to facilitate high-throughput sorting of transfected cas9/gRNA cells into 96- and 384- well devices, using the Sony SH800s.

Download method>>

Measuring Reactive Oxygen Species with Far-Red Fluorescence

Learn a method for measuring intracellular reactive oxygen species levels using two fluorimetric assay kits, to help test for physiological conditions such as male infertility and carcinogenesis.

Download Method>>


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5 star review of the Azure c600 from Wejuan Wu from Shanghai University

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