Editorial Article: Latest Advances in Precision Medicine: SelectScience Special Feature

From patient-derived organoids to virus-specific T cells, explore the latest techniques and technologies advancing the field of precision medicine

04 Sep 2019

Precision Medicine SelectScience Special Feature

Precision medicine, also known as personalized medicine, is an approach that tailors treatment and prevention plans to the individual patient. This customized approach combines a patient's medical history and genomic data with other considerations such as socioeconomic factors and broader clinical recommendations. Precision medicine is on the rise in healthcare and shows particular promise for tackling hard-to-treat diseases such as cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, and genetic disorders. In this special feature article, we explore some of the latest methods and solutions that are aiming to help physicians provide the best patient care.

xMAP technology by Luminex for precision medicine
xMAP Technology by Luminex

Analysis of up to 800 proteins in one multiplex immunoassay

Discover DigiWest, a high-throughput immunoassay that can analyze up to 800 proteins. DigiWest combines xMAP® multiplexing technology from Luminex with classic Western Blot procedure for high-content protein profiling.


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CIC bioGUNE scientists - precision medicine special feature

High-throughput metabolomics studies

Find out how scientists at CIC bioGUNE are helping to shape the future of healthcare, from diagnostics to precision medicine. In this video, Prof. José M. Mato, Prof. Jesús Jiménez-Barbero, and Dr. Óscar Millet describe why high-throughput NMR methodology is essential in large-scale metabolomic studies to advance understanding of diseases such as liver disease, cancer and metabolic syndrome.


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Organoids for cancer research - precision medicine

The challenges and opportunities for 3D cell culture

From organoids to disease models to 3D printing, explore the advantages of culturing cells in three dimensions over traditional methods and look at the exciting new developments for the technology behind 3D cell culture. Plus, hear from Dr. Tram Ngo, Senior Associate Scientist at the Sanford Burnham Prebys (SBP) Medical Discovery Institute, to see how 3D cell culture opens up new avenues for cancer and Alzheimer’s research.


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Alison Tarke - precision medicine special feature

Personalized adoptive T cell therapy

Find out how a small team of biotechnology scientists is targeting patient-specific ‘neoantigens’ to improve response to adoptive T cell therapy in acute myeloid leukemia (AML). In this expert interview, Alison Tarke describes the tools and technologies that are instrumental in developing her lab's pioneering approach to immunotherapy.


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Brendan Brinkman from Olympus - SelectScience Webinar - precision medicine special feature

Evaluation of drug responses in patient-derived organoids

In this on-demand webinar, Olympus imaging expert Brendan Brinkman discusses how to apply patient-derived organoids for drug discovery research using imaging and true 3D analysis. Plus, find out how truly three-dimensional high-content analysis (HCA) can improve your quantitative results.


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Dr. Susie Cooke ESHG presentation 2019 - precision medicine special feature

High-throughput genomics for routine oncology care

In this presentation, Dr. Susie Cooke, Head of Genetics at Glasgow Precision Oncology Laboratory, University of Glasgow, UK, introduces Precision Panc, a UK-wide pancreatic cancer clinical trials network that translates cutting-edge concepts in cancer biology into genomic assays and analytical pathways. Here, Cooke discusses the challenges and opportunities of applying high-throughput genomics to routine oncology care pathways and how this could influence the future of precision medicine.


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Dr. John Connolly and his lab - precision medicine special feature

Virus-specific T cells for treatment of solid tumors

Discover a novel, rational approach to immunotherapy which involves the selective expansion and infusion of virus-specific T cells (VSTs) in combination with other immuno-oncology technologies. In this exclusive interview, Dr. John Connolly, CSO of Tessa Therapeutics, reveals how a new approach to cell-based therapy in cancer could circumvent severe immunotherapy side effects and effectively target aggressive solid tumors.


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