Editorial Article: Highlights from ASMS 2015

SelectScience attended this year's ASMS show to bring you the latest new and advances in mass spectrometry

15 Jun 2015

Get all the news and technology launched from the 63rd ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics, held in St Louis, MO, USA


Learn about a new high-speed LC-MS/MS from Shimadzu, see how Waters takes ion mobility from research to routine with its new benchtop IMS QTOF, and discover a new MALDI-TOF MS Tissuetyper™ solution from Bruker. Plus, don't miss our exclusive video interviews from the show on our dedicated ASMS page.

Product highlights:

  1. The Vion IMS QTOF Mass Spectrometer from Waters 
  2. New LC-MS/MS Provides Superior Speed and Sensitivity for the Utmost in Quantitative Detection 
  3. Bruker Introduces MALDI Tissuetyper™ Solution with New High Speed rapifleX™ MALDI-TOF MS System 
  4. New Protein Analysis Kit from Thermo Fisher Scientific Provides Sensitive, Reproducible and Fast Results
  5. Agilent Technologies Introduces New Q-TOF Mass Spectrometry 
  6. SCIEX Announces Game-Changing LC-MS/MS Customer Solutions 


For more information, see our dedicated ASMS page >>