Editorial Article: High-throughput screening breakthroughs with acoustic mass spectrometry and liquid dispensing

We hear from Steve Rees, AstraZeneca, and Dr. Allan Jordan, Cancer Research UK, about the latest advancements in high-content screening for drug discovery

01 Jan 2018

Here, we highlight the recent breakthroughs of AstraZeneca, for its success with high-quality screening with acoustic mass spectrometry, and Cancer Research UK, for its enhancements of compound screening with acoustic liquid dispensing.

Breakthrough acoustic dispensing with mass spectrometry for ultra-high-throughput screening

AstraZeneca’s acoustic mass spectroscopy project provides higher quality screening results and reduced costs. This combination of technology increases the accessibility of ultra-high-throughput screening and encourages collaboration between academia and industrial partners.



Labcyte Echo 550 accelerates drug discovery at the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute

This video describes how acoustic liquid dispensing, using the Labcyte Echo® 550, is being used at the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute and is helping to accelerate compound screening. Learn how the technology reduces the volume of compound needed for each experiment, thus enabling compounds to last longer and more data to be produced. The Institute hopes to use acoustic dispensing to help develop compounds that can be used as a start-point to design new targeted therapies for use in a personalized medicine setting.